Rolling on RollerRock®

  • Challenge: What do you do when you have two different concrete pours in your driveway that do not match?
  • Solution: Apply Daich Coatings RollerRock® stone coating.

Rolling On RollerRock®

Homeowner Carl Gianino truly disliked the appearance of his driveway — so he took matters into his own hands. Literally.

Carl, a Charlotte, N.C. resident, started by power cleaning his driveway. Then he filled in the expansion joints with a joint filler. Next he rolled on RollerRock® in a Harvest Tan stone coloring to cover the ugly surface. Instant success!

“After the second coat I let it cure for 24 hours, as instructed,” says Gianino. “I then applied three coats of the driveway sealer 12 hours apart. The change was terrific.

“RollerRock immediately added to the curb appeal of our home. We’ve had lots of compliments on the driveway — even from a local masonry contractor!”

Problem-Solving Assistance

However, that’s not the end of the story. Just a month after Carl applied the last coat of sealer, his landscaper left power rider lawn mower tracks on the driveway surface.

“I’m not sure how it happened,” says Gianino. “We’d been parking on the driveway with no problem.”

To remove the tire marks, Carl used a power washer and soap. That took care of much of the stains, but not all of them. So he turned to the experts at Daich Coatings.

Tips from Our Expert

“Every so often there’s an unexpected stain that needs extra help to remove,” says Paul Bordin with Daich Coatings. “That’s why we have the X-Mess® Multi-Purpose Cleaner. This eco-friendly cleaning product removes a variety of truly stubborn stains quickly and gently.”

Carl tried X-Mess and had instant success. “The power washing initially helped a great deal,” says Gianino. “However, the X-Mess really helped remove the final stains.”

Now, just a few months later, Carl and his family have a clean and beautiful tough stone coating that’s the envy of the neighborhood.

Anti-Slip RollerRock Ideal for Indoor Pool Deck

Even when it’s cold and snowy outside, it’s warm and inviting at The Inn at Scituate Harbor. Located on the Atlantic Coast in Massachusetts, the inn includes 29 comfortable rooms, each one with a harbor view.

When the weather is too cold to go outside, many guests enjoy the indoor heated pool that’s available year-round for the inn’s guests and local parties. To make the pool area as attractive and safe as possible, the inn’s owners added Daich Coating’s RollerRock and DiaHard100 Epoxy Clear Coat to the deck surface.


“Our indoor pool deck was a mess,” says Lynda Ferguson, general manager and co-owner of The Inn at Scituate Harbor. “It was cement and painted or covered with several different things over the years — but nothing would stick.

“In 2017 we decided to try the RollerRock product and it was awesome! This product looks great, it’s stayed down perfectly for several years and has also added a level of safety to our indoor pool deck.”

RollerRock Concrete Surface Covering

Made with real stone, RollerRock is not a paint. It’s a high-performance coating made of stone. Successfully installed on millions of feet of exterior concrete since 2005, RollerRock is applied with just a roller and brush. Available in 15 colors, the surface has a clean, speckled stone appearance.

Because of the stone texture of RollerRock, the product has delivered an anti-slip score of 0.093 — almost twice the OSHA recommended standard. That anti-slip aspect helps a great deal for guest usage of the indoor pool at The Inn at Scituate Harbor — and with the pool parties hosted there for local children.

RollerRock has endured so beautifully in the high humidity of the indoor pool area at The Inn at Scituate Harbor because it resists water, salt, chemicals, mold, mildew, impact and abrasions. The product can also be used on outdoor pool decks and concrete surfaces because it resists UV rays, hot tire pickup, and freeze/thaw conditions.

DiaHard Epoxy Clear Coat Sealant

To seal the RollerRock on the indoor pool deck surface, the team at The Inn at Scituate Harbor used DiaHard 100 Epoxy Clear Coat. The low-odor, zero-VOC formula provided a strong sealant that is salt and chemical resistant.

DaiHard100 Epoxy Clear Coat delivers heavy-duty, industrial strength epoxy durability, wear-resistant beauty and easy maintenance. The self-priming formula has a specially-modified two-part “100% solids” epoxy chemistry that has been proven for years on automotive, commercial and industrial floor surfaces. The “clear shield” of the finish added strength to the pool deck surface that receives daily use.

Long-Term Results

“We’re really pleased with the long-term benefits of RollerRock,” says Ferguson. “We get a lot of positive comments on it from our guests.

“Another aspect that was great about this project was working with the staff at Daich Coatings. They were incredible. They offered us so much helpful information and they were extremely patient with us. This is a product and a company we would definitely use again.”