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600+ DaiHard®-Coated Floors — With Zero Call Backs

During the past three years, the team at Tri City Commercial Services has installed DaiHard® epoxy coatings on more than 600 residential and commercial floors. All with outstanding results, and zero call backs.

Based out of Hampstead, N.C., Tri City Commercial Services specializes in epoxy applications that transform garage, basement and retail floors. With almost 30 years of experience, owner Wayne Whitley considers it a fortunate occasion when he discovered Daich Coatings products back in 2018.

“We started by applying industrial-strength DaiHard® 100 epoxy floor coatings to a few projects,” says Whitley. “Once we saw how good the results were, we recommended the product to all our clients. Now we use the DaiHard kits more than 200 times a year!”

Transforming Concrete Surfaces

Available in gray or tan, the roll-on floor coating refreshes and rejuvenates concrete surfaces. The epoxy resists salt and chemicals, plus has no hot-tire pickup. Once applied to a clean concrete surface, the strong epoxy coating locks onto interior concrete floors with exceptional adhesion capabilities. The low-odor, zero VOC epoxy delivers professional-grade, heavy-duty performance.

“We’ve found that the epoxy holds up well to all types of conditions,” says Whitley. “Grey is the most popular color used in our area.

“To personalize the look, we offer 100 different colors of flakes that we can add to the wet coating. Everything from sparkling metallic flakes to iridescent colors. These acrylic flakes help create a slip-resistant floor. For a ‘showroom shine’ we can also add an epoxy clear top coat.”

Secret to Success

While DaiHard 100 kits from Daich Coatings are intended as a DIY project for homeowners, Whitley and his team have the commercial equipment that speeds through the preparation process.

“In an existing environment, a homeowner would need to thoroughly clean and let their concrete surface dry before applying DaiHard,” says Whitley. “Our professional equipment actually grinds off the existing layers of stains and dirt. This way there’s no moisture at all on the floor when we apply the epoxy.

“Our system speeds up the process and makes it easy to complete a garage transformation in just one day.”

In-Store Flooring Success

While residential garages account for 75 percent of Whitley’s business, there are special industrial and retail projects that he also works on regularly. His company has installed DaiHard floor coatings in almost 300 Advance Auto Parts stores throughout North Carolina.

“The foot traffic in those stores each year is tremendous,” says Whitley. “Imagine, despite the daily wear-and-tear, we’ve never had a call back on one of our DaiHard floors! It really helps that the industrial-strength surface is impact- and spill-resistant.”

One Kit Does It All

The DaiHard 100 kit (which is cost effectively priced below $90 on The Home Depot®, Lowe’s® and Daich Coatings websites) includes a cleaner to loosen dirt on the floor before applying the epoxy. The kit also includes 2.7 quarts of DaiHard epoxy resin (part A of the formula) plus one quart of DaiHard epoxy hardener (part B of the formula). The two parts are combined and then applied to the surface with either a roller or squeegee application. One coat generally covers an area of 250 square feet.

DaiHard protects against oil stains, chemicals, salt and general wear and tear that concrete floor surfaces routinely receive in commercial and home settings. For more information, visit

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