New Life for Backyard Setting

In sunny southern California, where outdoor living takes place most of the year, Anthony B. had a challenge. His backyard barbecue kitchen center and seating area were showing signs of aging. The DIYer knew there had to be “refresher options” available and decided to tackle the job.

“After eight years of continual use, it was almost impossible to clean the dirt and grease off the barbecue counter,” says Anthony. “There were small cracks showing and aged water stains on the sides. I knew there had to be a product in the marketplace that could solve these problems.”


New Surfaces

Anthony searched the internet for solutions. The Daich Coatings website convinced him to do a trial run.

“I purchased one gallon of RollerRock® in a deep gray Lava Rock color for under $50,” says Anthony. “I was literally amazed at how good it looked on the countertop and how easy it was to apply. I immediately ordered more products to coat the concrete seating area near my fire pit.”

The real stone coating of RollerRock resists freeze/thaw conditions, mold, mildew, water and UV rays. Traditionally used on horizontal surfaces (like walkways and driveways), the durable product also resists salt, chemical, impact and abrasion, along with hot tire pickup. Available in 15 colors, RollerRock is laboratory tested to provide up to double the recommended OSHA slip-resistance rating.

Coating the Sides

Once he got started, there was no stopping the DIYer. “I ordered gallons of VertiStone® Roll-On Wall Texture for the stucco sides of both the barbeque kitchen and the seating area,” says Anthony. “Those sides were originally smooth stucco, and the kitchen tops were solid concrete. The years of wear, dirt and grime have all been erased with the Daich Coatings products.”

Without mixing, prep work or multi-step labor-intensive processes, VertiStone quickly transforms a surface. By using decorative textured brushes and the stone coating, different finishes can easily be achieved, including smooth polished marble, natural suede, parchment, dream lace and linen.

VertiStone tints to thousands of colors and can be applied directly onto drywall, block, masonry and concrete surfaces. Designed for both interior and exterior use, the fast-drying finish features extremely low VOCs and is odorless. The breathable finish does not encourage mold and mildew, so it can be used in high humidity areas of the home, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Protecting the Surfaces

To protect the newly-coated surfaces, Anthony applied coats of Hi-Build Ultra Clear Coat. The tough, protective coating resists water, U/V rays, chemicals, impact and abrasion. It also resists mold and mildew, hot tire pickup and salt.

“I’m so pleased with the outcome of the backyard projects that I’m moving forward with a new front porch project,” says Anthony. “I’ve ordered RollerRock to make the porch look better than new. And, I have a friend who needs to redo his second story patio floor. He’s using RollerRock and I’ve offered to help.

 “I’ve become addicted to the fast success that can be achieved with the Daich Coatings products. They’re easy to use, do the job they’re supposed to do, look great, and are reasonably priced. You can’t really ask for much more!”

“I Knew If I Could Paint, I Could Apply This Product”

Teresa Woodruff is a not really a DIYer. However, inspired to get rid of her baby blue kitchen countertops, she took the plunge.

“I can, and do, paint inside my home,” says Woodruff, a resident of Washington. “So I figured I could roll on a new countertop finish — and I was right!”

Kitchen Upgrade

After living for 28 years with the “battle scarred and worn” kitchen countertops, Woodruff and her husband, Mark Jensen, dove in to tackle the project. They started by taking out the sink and faucet completely, to give them easy access to the countertop surface.

“Preparation is everything,” says Woodruff. “If you follow the instructions you’re in great shape.”

Woodruff and Jensen decided to start by painting all their kitchen cabinets white. Then they painted the walls Agreeable Gray (SW 7029) by Sherwin-Williams®. Adding the Onyx Fog countertops from Daich Coatings was the perfect fit. After that they installed a two-piece light bronze metal-looking backsplash above the stove. New flooring and appliances will be added soon.

“The SpreadStone™ Countertop Finishing Kit was a life saver,” says Woodruff. “I bought a second kit to coat our two small bathroom countertops. I guess I’m really becoming a DIYer after all.

“The new countertops make me feel happy. The real stone coating is very elegant. I’m glad we took the plunge with the SpreadStone product — we truly love the results!”


Outdoor Kitchen Made with Three Daich Coatings Products

Karl Howard is ready for warmer weather and outdoor gatherings...

Last year, while cooped up during COVID, he decided to create an outdoor kitchen. Now he’s eager to use it!

Building a Kitchen

Karl started by framing out the kitchen unit with non-treated lumber. He covered the framing with cement board. After taping the boards, he applied a thin set of Textured Primer in Dolphin Gray. This was done over the whole bar area to seal it from the elements.

Then came the real fun. He added SpreadStone Textured Stone Coating in Cool Gray to the exterior surfaces.

“I just rolled on multiple coats and it looked great,” says Karl, a resident of Aurora, Colorado. “The coating looks awesome, especially when the sun hits it.”

Finishing the Job

To complete the kitchen, Karl rolled on Hi-Build Ultra Sealer to protect and preserve the finish. Then he added the crowning touch — a granite countertop.

“I’m just a regular DIY person,” says Karl. “I was looking for the easiest way to get the look I wanted.

“The Daich Coatings products seemed more cost effective over other finishes. Their quality during installation was really good. I have high hopes that these finishes will stand up to our varied weather conditions, plus the ongoing use of this great new outdoor kitchen!”

Bye-Bye Formica® Countertops!

Back in the 1940s and 1950s, Formica® countertops started popping up in new homes across America. Unfortunately, they’re still in many homes.

“My countertops were standard Formica and not in good shape,” says Christy Duggan, a Mississippi homeowner. “This year we decided to redo our kitchen, and I knew they had to go!”

Budget-Friendly Options

As Duggan researched her options and watched YouTube videos, she found the SpreadStone™ Countertop Finishing Kit most appealing.

“The Daich Coatings kit stood out both in ease-of-use and the look of the final product,” says Dugan. “Plus it fit from a budget standpoint. We had priced out new countertops and they were expensive.

“To replace my countertops the product would be about $1,000 and my husband Matt and I would have to do all the installation labor. Instead, we invested $250 for two SpreadStone kits, and it was half the amount of work.”

Tips for Success

Using the Bright White finish, the Duggans got to work. Matt and Christy invested a full day in prep of the countertops to make sure they were ready to accept the SpreadStone product.

“Take time with your prep work,” says Duggan. “We used Bondo® to cover the seams, small holes and some soft spots on the countertop. After sanding them smooth, we easily applied the base coat, stone coating and clear coat. It just takes time in between the steps for them to cure.”

Impressive Results

With their new countertops complete, the Duggans finished the kitchen overhaul by painting cabinets, replacing the sink and faucet, and installing new appliances.

“The overall appearance of the SpreadStone finish is stunning,” says Duggan. “There are no more seams, the countertop is shiny, and the feel and texture are perfect. I’m completely impressed with the results.

“This was a full weekend project, but it was easy for a DIYer. The results are beyond my expectations. We have enough left in our second kit that I plan to cover the bathroom vanity.

“I think I’m addicted to Daich Coatings. We’re even talking about resurfacing a small outdoor kitchen space and a counter on the deck!”


Razzle Dazzle Countertop

            Boring. That’s how Marjorie Mora describes her old, greyish kitchen countertops. What she needed was a change.

            “Frankly, the kitchen countertops were ugly,” says Mora, an influencer with Razzle Dazzle Styles. “We needed a nice pop of color to the countertops, and the Oyster color in the SpreadStone Countertop Finishing Kit did the job!”

Tips for Success

            Mora tackled the countertop project with gusto. She watched the installation video and read the directions. Then she taped off areas and got started.

            “We improvised a bit with using a paint brush in some cases instead of the rollers,” says Mora. “This is a very personal project, so you have to get the finish you want.”

            Another tip from Mora is to have extra sand paper on hand plus a dry wall scraper. “We used the dry wall scraper on the last coat after it dried completely,” says Mora. “It smoothed out the stone beautifully. Just lightly scrape the top layer, then you can sand it a bit. Once the clear coat goes on it looks very pretty!”

Out with the Old


“It’s really exciting to have the new stone finish on the countertops,” says Mora, who documents the process on her blog site. “On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the easiest, I give this project a rating of a 2. 

“Expect it to be a bit dusty and messy of a project, especially at first, but the benefits are definitely there. The finish has a richness to it. If you can scrape and paint, then you have all the talents needed to successfully complete this DIY project and get a gorgeous-looking countertop!”

From the Kitchen to the Bathroom … Homeowner Adds Real Stone Coatings

“My 1950s era home hadn’t been changed since it was built,” says Renee, a resident of Indiana. “The kitchen countertops were ugly orange Formica with steel edges. I went online to research decorative DIY options and was thrilled to discover the SpreadStone™ Countertop Finishing Kits.”

Once she got started, she just couldn’t stop. Renee began with her kitchen countertops … then she moved on to the tub and countertop in her main bathroom. All along the way she was transforming surfaces with real stone products from Daich Coatings.

Adding Real Stone Finishes

Available for less than $125 a kit, SpreadStone is a dynamic multi-colored decorative stone finish that provides shimmering mineral accents and color highlights found in natural mined rock. The coating system has outstanding resistance to hot pans, stains, abrasion, impact and household cleaners, making it ideal for the general wear and tear common with busy kitchens and other areas of the home.

The decorative stone solutions come in 11 decorative color options. All application tools and required coatings are included in a kit. Each kit transforms up to 40 square feet of surface. The finishes are essentially odorless and come pre-mixed and ready to apply immediately, with no harsh chemicals.

“Everything was included in the kit and the instructions were very clear,” says Renee. “This is an easy DIY project. In three steps I had transformed those old kitchen countertops!”

Renee, a retired professor, went all-in for her kitchen project. She repainted her wooden cabinets, got a new backsplash, and switched from an orange to bright white kitchen countertops. But she didn’t stop there. Next she tackled a top-to-bottom bathroom update.

Big Bathroom Changes

Renee was happy to say farewell to her outdated pink and green bathroom. She decided on new flooring, wall tiles and sinks. However, rather than ditch her old countertop and tub, she decided to give them new life.

“I liked the results of the kitchen countertop so much that I got another SpreadStone kit to tackle my bathroom countertop,” says Renee. “It looked so elegant when I was finished that I kept going.”

After gaining the green light from Daich Coatings, Renee purchased one of the company’s SpreadStone™ Wall Tile Refinishing Kits. She redid her pink tiled-walls and is happy with the results.

Satisfying Results

“The customer service team guided me through using the base coat from this kit on my tub surface,” says Renee. “Then I completed the project with the same color and finish as my countertop from the SpreadStone Countertop Kit.

“I love that the double sink vanity matches the bathtub. Daich Coatings products allowed me to easily change the dated 1050s pink and blue bathroom into a more contemporary style. I’m already looking around my house for the next project to tackle!”

SpreadRock® Helps Homeowner Gain a “Beachfront Property”

Barb M. lives in a condo in Highland Heights, Kentucky...

…That’s about 600 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. However, Barb likes her beach vacations so much that she decided to bring the seaside to her home … and SpreadRock® helped!

Seaside Mural

 “I’ve pictured a calming beachfront mural on my patio wall for several years,” says Barb. “I enjoy the beach for vacations. So, I hired artist Chris Powers to transform my patio with an oceanfront mural!”

Powers, with Good Egg Art Studio in Ludlow, Kentucky, was happy to oblige. The experienced mural artist included everything Barb likes best on her patio wall — jumping dolphins, fishing and sailing boats, sea grass, sandpipers and even footprints in the sand.

Creating a Calming Setting

Before hiring Powers to create the mural, Barb looked carefully at her patio floor. She decided it needed a change.

“I wanted the floor to continue the look of the sand from the mural,” says Barb. “So I searched for sand-like coatings and discovered Daich Coatings. We chose the Brownstone color in the SpreadRock product because it looked like a variety of sandy colors in the mix.

“I understand the product is actually real stone. However, it had the look I craved for this patio.”

Barb enlisted the help of her son for the patio project. He put down a golden colored base coat to prep the concrete. Then they applied two coats of SpreadRock and two coats of clear sealer.

“SpreadRock was just the right product to give that ‘finished look’ to my DIY patio project,” says Barb. “I’ve recommended this easy-to-apply product to others. I’m so pleased with the outcome … and with my new beachfront property!”


New Countertops Help Sell House

Think you’re living with sad-looking countertops? Think again. Kari Cahoy lived with her pumpkin-colored laminate kitchen countertops for the past 20 years. Scorched in a few places and with worn-through laminate, the countertops were in need of some help. Cahoy decided to take the plunge with our SpreadStone Countertop Finishing Kit.

“I don’t know how long this product has been on the market, but I sure wish I had found it a long time ago!” says Cahoy. “I thought I might need my husband’s help, but I did it alone. It was super easy.”

Sadly, Cahoy won’t get to enjoy her new kitchen upgrade.

“Our house was for sale and not moving,” says Cahoy. “We pulled our house off the market and used the Daich Coatings product and some cabinet paint to upgrade our kitchen. Then we put our home back on the market. I’m happy to report the house sold within two weeks!”

Passionate About Pavement

The product Bartley was “hooked” on is SpreadStone Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Kits from Daich Coatings. The pre-mixed, factory-tinted stone coating system locks onto concrete to create a surface with a stunning decorative appeal and outstanding performance.

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Easy Steps Get You a New Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen After

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Last year Jennifer, owner and publisher of the Inspiring Savings blog, tackled her own kitchen countertops. She chose our SpreadStone Countertop Finishing Kit in Natural White to put elegance back into her kitchen.

What we like best about Jennifer’s story is that she takes you through each precise step of how she transformed her countertops.

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