Product comparison Chart

What's the difference between these floor coatings?

⦁ Required for Spreadstone and Spreadrock projects
⦁ simple textured finish
⦁ excellent foot traction
⦁ good colour selection
⦁ interior/exterior use
⦁ stand-alone coating or can be sealed for added durability
⦁ 160-200 sq ft per gallon

⦁ easy roller application
⦁ decorative speckled look
⦁ 15 standard colours
⦁ excellent foot traction
⦁ interior/exterior use
⦁ 60-100 sq ft per gallon

⦁ roller or trowel application
⦁ 12 standard colours
⦁ creative flexibility
⦁ interior/exterior use
⦁ slip resistance
⦁ installed with Textured Primer and sealer
⦁ 55-65 sq ft per gallon

⦁ trowel application only
⦁ 5 standard colours
⦁ excellent durability
⦁ interior/exterior use
⦁ installed with Textured Primer and sealer
⦁ 33-40 sq ft per gallon

Which product is best for my application?

Choosing the spreadable stone coating that's right for you involves just a few simple choices.

Your preferred look

Spreadstone™, Spreadrock™ and RollerRock® each offer their own distinctive look. See the separate product pages on this site.


Roll-on or trowel-applied finish...

The product you choose will be dictated by the application tool you prefer to work with. If you prefer to work mainly from a standing position, using a roller, RollerRock® or SpreadStone™ would be your best choices. If you are comfortable using a trowel, and don't mind working on your knees, SpreadRock™ or a trowel-applied SpreadStone™ finish would be your options.

Rollerrock Front Walkway (2)

Fast and simple - or creative...

If you'd like to renew an existing surface with a quick and simple finish, RollerRock®, SpreadRock™ and more basic SpreadStone™ finishes are all good choices. If you'd like to get creative and create stunning stone textures with a variety of fun faux finishing techniques, SpreadStone™ offers almost limitless possibilities.

= Strongly recommended
= Recommended
= Not Applicable
= Not Recommended
Project Application/Details
Low Physical Demand
(roll-on method)
Simple Application
(roll-on method)
Prefer to work in a standing position
(roll-on method)
I’m comfortable using a trowel
Creative techniques desired
High coverage area/economy
Interior Walls
Exterior Walls
Natural Stone or tile appearance
Project Recommendations
Pool Decks
Garage Floors
Foundation Walls
Interior Residential Floors