Decorative & Protective Surface Renewal

Terrazzo™ and TracSafe® Anti-Slip Sealer

Laurel Bend Bathhouses Remodeled with Daich Coatings Products

How do you update bunkhouse bathrooms in a 1940s Christian campground? If you’re Summer and Myron Miller, you turn to Terrazzo™ and TracSafe® Anti-Slip Sealer to revitalize the much-used areas.

“We purchased the Kentucky property in December of 2020 and immediately wanted to transform the older bathrooms,” says Summer Miller. “For being several decades old, the tile was in pretty decent shape. I was looking for an affordable option that would not require us to break up the tile, but go over it. That’s when I found the Daich Coatings website.”

Terrazzo™ and TracSafe® Anti-Slip Sealer

Safer Surface

Terrazzo™ and TracSafe® Anti-Slip Sealer

To provide a cleaner look and safer finish to the bathhouses at their Laurel Bend facility, the Millers applied Terrazzo to the floors. Each bathhouse contains five toilets, five showers and four large sinks, along with a baby changing area. Plus, there are handicapped bathroom and shower stalls in each. They brought the Terrazzo finish up over the lip into the showers and onto portions of the walls. They finished up by adding the TracSafe slip-resistant finish on top of the Terrazzo coating.

“The Terrazzo literally upgraded these bathrooms into the current century,” says Miller. “I love that the Terrazzo itself isn’t very slippery. However, when adding TracSafe, I can’t even make myself slip!”

Standing Up to Foot Traffic

The Millers purchased the property with the long-term goal of offering work programs to developmentally disabled adults, like their daughter Lauren. They’re pouring their hearts, souls and sweat equity into making Laurel Bend a retreat for families, youth and church groups, along with festival goers.

“In 2021 alone we’ve hosted at least 5,000 guests,” says Miller. “That’s a LOT of use on those bathroom floors. Still, the Daich Coatings finishes are easy to clean and have stood up incredibly well. We get comments all the time on how beautiful the floors are, especially from people who have been coming to this location for many years.

As the Millers plan to renovate their bunkhouses and convert their kitchen and cafeteria into a public restaurant, their first stop will again be to the Daich Coatings website. “With the amazing transformation of the showers and bathrooms, we’re excited to see the other Daich Coatings products,” says Miller. “They are so easy to use and maintain. And, the affordability can’t be beat!”

Terrazzo™ and TracSafe® Anti-Slip Sealer


  1. I just finished my second coat of Daich terrazzo on my front porch.

    It looks amazing, but it is thin in a few places.

    I have a little left in the last can and I am thinking of rolling it on in spots.

    I think it will be ok as the way it melts in. Buttttttt.

    1. Hi Randall! We’re glad you like your new Terrazzo finish. For any small thin areas, your best course of action is to dab some Terrazzo thinly onto those spots and feather it out thinly and smoothly into the surrounding finish.You can even use the top of your finger to blend it in. When done, apply the sealer over everything to seal and protect for long term durability. Thanks Randall!

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