Multi-purpose Satin Sealer.

High performance protection and beauty for concrete, masonry and DAICH stone surfaces.

72.95 CA$193.69 CA$ Free Shipping (up to 600 lbs).

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Beautify and Preserve Your Concrete & More

Hi-Build Ultraā„¢ Clear Coat with Urethane is a high-performance, one-component 35% solids acrylic/urethane hybrid coating used over many interior and exterior surfaces. An ideal top coat for concrete and masonry ā€“ as well as all DAICH Coatings stone floor finishes ā€“ Hi-Build Ultra produces a tough, non-yellowing barrier that resists abrasion, impact, stains, chemicals and more. Hi-Build Ultra is a safe, non-toxic, low odor water-based technology excellent for residential, commercial and light industrial floor surfaces.

Features and Benefits

Where to Use...

Just roll it on!

Roll on two coats

Let dry for 1-2 hours between coats.

One gallon covers up to 500 sqft per coat.

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Hi-Build Ultra

  1. Brenda Carter

    I scrubbed my 23 yo slate floor with foaming bathroom bleach, rinsed. let thoroughly dry. Applied 2 coats of Hi-Build Ultra. looks like new. Tad glossy, so going to apply 1 coat TrakSafe to reduce shine.

  2. Charlie Cunningham (verified owner)

    I used this over SpreadStone. Itā€™s a sealer but, itā€™s also very tough. I used a small 4ā€ roller to get in the small areas and when I was done, I threw the roller cover in the shop trash can and then went on vacation. When I got back two weeks later I started back to work and saw the roller cover in the trash can. Out of curiosity, I picked it out and noticed that it was rock hardā€¦. I couldnā€™t dig into the microfibers with my thumbnail and when I banged on the workbench, it held up. The final coat on my customer’s SpreadRock was hard too but, I thought Iā€™d share my findings. Awesome customer service, too.

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