The beauty of speckled granite with the strength of stone

A great way to resurface interior and exterior concrete, masonry and other surfaces, SpreadRock® is a stone coating that imparts excellent decorative and protective benefits. It’s a simple trowel application for both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Its bonding technology and real stone composition ensure solid adhesion, superior flexibility and dependable durability. Rain, snow, ultraviolet light, summer heat and bitter winter cold are powerless against it.



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Please note that while we strive for colour accuracy, actual product colours may vary slightly from the samples shown above.


Achieving optimal results and correct coverage with SpreadRock® is based on application of two thin coats over your primed surface. Whether you are troweling by hand with a standard metal pool trowel — or using the SpreadRock® Squeegee Trowel from a comfortable standing position — the key is to press firmly with your chosen tool to spread the stone further.

IMPORTANT: SpreadRock can cover up to 60 sq.ft. PER GALLON, PER COAT. However, since SpreadRock is an actual stone overlay and not paint, coverage can vary due to thicker application, surface roughness, pitting and other flaws that may consume more SpreadRock as you trowel in down. That is why we always suggest ordering approximately 20 – 25% more SpreadRock than your calculated coverage area suggests, just in case. This will help ensure adequate coverage and a quick, successful and beautiful project without delays due to inadequate supply. It can also give you additional material for any needed touch-ups later on. 

**REMEMBER: Press firmly when applying SpreadRock to achieve good coverage!

Use the ordering chart below as an easy buying guide when adding SpreadRock and accessory items to your cart.

Project Area
Textured Primer
TracSafe Anti-Slip Sealer
100 sq. ft.
5 Gallons – for two coats applied
1 Gallon
1 Gallon
150 sq. ft.
8 Gallons – for two coats applied
1 Gallon
1 Gallon
200 sq. ft.
10 Gallons – for two coats applied
2 Gallons
2 Gallons
300 sq. ft.
15 Gallons – for two coats applied
2 Gallons
2 Gallons

Features and Benefits

Where to Use...

Trowel or squeegee it on with ease.

Roll on a coat of Textured Primer

Let dry for 1-2 hours.

Apply two coats of SpreadRock


Seal with Hi-Build Ultra or TracSafe

Seal it the next day after SpreadRock has cured for 24 hours. DONE!

Spreadrock Installation Videos​

How do you apply a genuine, finely pebbled stone finish onto concrete, cinder block, brick, drywall and more in a weekend – without breaking the budget? You SpreadRock it! This elegantly beautiful REAL STONE finish looks just like speckled granite that would otherwise cost you thousands if you went with traditional installed materials. Instead, SpreadRock lets you easily install a lightweight stone veneer anywhere a long lasting upgrade is desired – at a fraction of the cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

YES, SpreadRock is a very tough granular multi-colored mix of stone that you spread onto the surface to add a durable and attractive new stone layer that can last for many years.

SpreadRock is a simple three-step process requiring a coat of DAICH Textured Primer (to anchor into the concrete and create an optimal bonding surface), followed by two thin coats of SpreadRock – and DAICH sealer the following day. With dry times in between, the SpreadRock system can be applied easily over a weekend for lasting beauty and performance.

SpreadRock® covers up to 60 sq.ft. of surface per gallon per coat. Two coats are required for the most uniform looking and lasting results. If the surface is pitted or very textured – or if the product is applied thicker than required – coverage area may be reduced.

The answer to this question is easy. Just apply SpreadRock in two VERY THIN coats AND PRESS FIRMLY with your trowel or squeegee-trowel during application to ensure you don't apply it too thick. Also, keep in mind that if your surface is very pitted/textured, this may gobble up some of the product as you fill indentations in the concrete surface, which will reduce your rate of coverage. To be sure that you always have enough for your application and to have a little extra in case you ever need to do a touch-up, order 20-25% more SpreadRock to overcome possible shortages.

Yes, SpreadRock needs to be sealed to protect your new finish from water and and dirt penetration, and keep it looking clean. Use either DAICH Ultra Clear Coat Sealer — or for added slip resistance in wet conditions, use DAICH TracSafe Anti-Slip Sealer.

Apply sealer only after your completed SpreadRock application has cured for 24 hours.

Use a drill mixing attachment for fast, easy and thorough mixing of SpreadRock stone coating.

Since, you will be applying SpreadRock very thinly (to achieve correct coverage), it will dry fairly quickly. Outdoors, in warm, dry weather, allow dry time between coats of about 2 – 3 hours to ensure that it is firm enough to accommodate your weight when you walk on it to apply the second coat.

No, SpreadRock cannot be applied with a paint roller.  SpreadRock is a thick stone paste you skim onto the surface using either a hand trowel with rounded corners (also called a "pool trowel") or a SpreadRock Squeegee Trowel to apply from a standing position.

Follow these rules during application for excellent results:

Rule#1: If you receive SpreadRock with different batch numbers, mix them together in a different container with a drill mixer before use. This will ensure that minor color shifts between batches are eliminated and not visible in your finished result.

Rule#2: Always work "wet-in-wet" with SpreadRock. Keep a water spray bottle handy (see the instruction video) to keep edges moist and encourage smooth blending.

Rule#3: Apply a smooth uniform THIN coat of SpreadRock and then leave it alone. Don't repeatedly disturb the stones once they have been applied to the surface which can create a "textured shadow effect" in the finish that appears like lighter and darker areas.

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