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Discover amazing project ideas, weekend projects and tips and tricks for working with Daich  Stone Coatings.


Surface Preparation is the Most Important Part of the Job

Achieving a successful and lasting upgrade comes down to making sure your surfaces are clean, dry, clear of debris and ready to be coated. 

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How-To Videos

Introducing the Daich Marble Dream Countertop Resurfacing Kit

Here’s a complete instructional video showing how easy Marble Dream® is to apply!

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f you are looking for realistic BLACK natural marble that you can do in a day and enjoy for years — look no further than the Marble Dream Kit in Cosmos Black. Check out this short video showing how easy it is to completely renew your space with this REAL MARBLE coating system, complete with iridescent metallic pearl veins! Application is quick and easy with this doorless, non toxic, fast application that’s more durable than epoxy.

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Here’s a quick application demo of our new LuxRock Countertop kit. Remember to follow the instructions carefully for best results!

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Danny Lipford Uses Tracsafe Color Coat

In this segment from Danny Lipford, Tracsafe Color Coat is used on a brick porch.

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Updating an '80s kitchen with Chelsea Lipford Wolf of Today's Homeowner

This kitchen’s countertops are in great shape, but the plastic laminate no longer wows Lloyd and Aimee. And these countertops won’t look good next to the bright white backsplash we’ve installed.

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How to Resurface Concrete with RollerRock in 3 Easy Steps

Your bare exterior concrete is a target for stains, salt damage, water-penetration, wear and eventual failure. Give your concrete more traction, strength and beauty overnight with three simple steps.

SpreadStone™ Countertop Finishing Kit - Instructional Video

The new stone coating that’s made for easy application to existing countertops and tables. Overnight results with no complicated tools or artistic skill required. Just roll it on and be amazed!

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DAICH SpreadStone™ Concrete Resurfacer - How-To

Here’s a quick demonstration of how the SpreadStone finish is installed — from how best to load your roller with Stone Accent Coat and roll it on — to using the included “DAICH Grout Line Stencil Tape” for creating realistic tile patterns.

DAICH SpreadStone Decorative Concrete Kit - Key Application Tips

Our valued customers have asked us for a video specifically on key tips for excellent application results with the SpreadStone Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Kit — and we have delivered! In this short video, we’re going to show you — IN DETAIL – exactly how to apply each of the coatings in the SpreadStone Concrete Kit for great results. This is all about sharing key points and observations that will give you complete control and outstanding results. For general project directions see the written instructions or the full SpreadStone instruction video — or visit us online for more information at We hope you enjoy this short presentation and find that it helps you achieve beautiful results. Thank you!

DAICH SpreadRock Features and How To

How do you apply a genuine, finely pebbled stone finish onto concrete, cinder block, brick, drywall and more in a weekend – without breaking the budget? You SpreadRock it! This elegantly beautiful REAL STONE finish looks just like speckled granite that would otherwise cost you thousands if you went with traditional installed materials. Instead, SpreadRock lets you easily install a lightweight stone veneer anywhere a long lasting upgrade is desired – at a fraction of the cost.