From Dark to Bright!

Nick Pennell took a leap of faith. And it successfully brought him from a dark kitchen to a bright, welcoming kitchen!

            “I had a Forest Green countertop with an oak wood trim,” says Pennell, a resident of Davisburg, Michigan. “It made the entire kitchen dark and I couldn’t stand it.

“I researched all types of counter top kits and found the SpreadStone Mineral Select Countertop Refinishing Kit on the Home Depot website. I liked the idea of ground-up stone in the Natural White coating. I’m really pleased with the results.”

Easy and Fast

            A big reason Pennell selected the Daich Coatings product is because of how easy it is to use.

“I’m not an artistically creative person,” says Pennell. “The idea of creating swirls and adding paint chips that were required in other products had me nervous. However, I can use a brush and roller, which is all that was needed with the SpreadStone kit. That definitely fit my comfort level.”

            The Natural White countertop kit arrived with all application tools and required coatings to transform up to 40 square feet of surface. The finishes are essentially odorless and come pre-mixed and ready to apply immediately, with no harsh chemicals.

           Application of the product can be done in three simple steps — a stone base coat, a decorative stone coat and a stone clear top coat. The coatings create a lasting and elegant upgrade for countertops.

Planning More Projects

“This is a product I strongly believe in,” says Pennell. “I’m now looking into the

SpreadStone Wall Tile Refinishing Kit for another project. I’m so impressed with the Daich Coatings products that I’m actively searching around my house for projects.

            “In the meantime, my kitchen transformation is terrific. It’s no longer a dark area of the home. The Natural White countertops give the room a more open and inviting feeling. This was a terrific and cost effective project for our home!”

Tips from Nick

            From his experience with the SpreadStone Mineral Select Countertop Kit, Pennell offers these tips to people tackling their own countertop revival:

  • Take your time to prep well and carefully apply the painters tape. Don’t speed up this process because it’s really important to the final success.
  • Sand, sand, sand. Make sure the surface is clean of dust between every coat.
  • Give the clear coat plenty of time to dry before removing the tape. Also, score the corners gently with a knife before you remove the tape. Then take the tape off slowly and carefully.

Easy DIY Countertop Transformation

If you think tackling new countertops as a DIY project is too hard for you, think again. Take it from influencer Michelle Felux with Breaking Down the Box. She was surprised at how easy it was to transform her countertops with our SpreadStoneMineral Select Countertop Refinishing Kit.

“I expected the application would be a lot more challenging than it was,” says Felux. “When I actually started tackling this project, it was really easy to achieve the look I was going for!”

The “look” she wanted was to transform her old Formica countertops into true accents for her refurbished kitchen. Out of the 10 colors available, Felux selected the Natural White stone color. The SpreadStone is a dynamic multi-colored decorative stone finish that provides mineral accents and color highlights found in natural mined rock. So, along with the white base, Felux now has real stone accents in her countertop.

“On a DIY scale, I’d say this is a ‘1 or 2’ for the entire project,” says Felux. “It was really very easy. I love the shimmering mineral accents that stand out and make this countertop so unique. This product immediately changed the look of my kitchen.”

Standing Up to Family Life

For Felux, who wrote about the project in her blog, it wasn’t just about getting a new look for her countertops. It was about getting a surface that could stand up to the constant demands of family life.

“I have a toddler,” says Felux. “Sometimes she is not the nicest with our kitchen counters. However, the countertops have not chipped or warped in any way during the past few months. The Daich Coatings surface is holding up really well — to heat, liquids, stains and rough treatment!”

Easy Steps

Because Felux has a full house, she decided not to take her entire kitchen out of commission to do the project in one weekend. Instead, she tackled half one weekend, allowing the family to use the other half. Then she switched the next weekend.

Application of the product can be done in three simple steps — a stone base coat, a decorative stone coat and a stone clear top coat. The coatings create a lasting and elegant new upgrade for any room. As a bonus, the cost effectiveness of the product (priced at $125 or less on our website) makes it easy and inexpensive to change the color whenever you like to suit changes in your home’s decor in the future.

Tips from Felux

“Having some counter space available for our on-the-go family to still be able to use was critical for us,” says Felux. “In a household that’s less active, the entire project could definitely be tackled in one weekend.”

One final tip from Felux: wear a respirator when you sand the surface during the prep stage. “The dust masks do an OK job,” says Felux. “However, a respirator gives you the best fit and cleanest breathing air for the fine dust. Otherwise, you’ve got everything you need in the kit to easily transform your countertop!”

Try your hand at this easy DIY project. See the instructional video that shows how easily you too can change the look of your home’s countertops with real stone coatings!

Can’t Get Enough of SpreadStone™ Finishes

They’re at it again! Recently we shared with you how Cynthia and Dan had created their beautiful driveway surface with our SpreadStone Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Kits.

Now they’ve taken it a step further and moved indoors!

Stepping Inside

The DIY duo didn’t stop with their driveway and walkway. A few weeks later they decided to tackle the interior of their two-car garage and a side access room.

“We were so impressed with the SpreadStone product outside, that we decided to bring it indoors,” says Cynthia. “We used the same Cold Gold Slate coloring but we reversed our pattern from the outside. This time we did the base coat, then the light gray coating. We added diamond shapes down the center during the last coat.”

The couple decided to finish their handiwork off with three coats of clear finish. Then, like outdoors, they added personal touches by hand painting sea animals on the steps.

“We love our new garage floor,” says Cynthia. “The SpreadStone product was very easy to work with and provided us with tremendous results. In just five days our garage area was beautifully transformed!”

Cynthia’s Tips:

  • For an overall project like this, do the garage floor first. This way you can power pressure the garage floor before the driveway so that you don’t put the cleaner on your new driveway surface.
  • If you have steps in your garage, plan to do those with a paint brush.
  • Go back and revisit the online directions repeatedly to keep you on track.
  • Be creative. We reversed colors in different rooms to give each space its own unique look.
  • We may have overdone it with the clear finish coat, but we really like the look it gave to the garage floor.

Out with the Ugly — in with the Impressive!

Stains. Lots of them … that’s what Davina Bell kept finding on her white Formica countertop. It was those stains that finally led her to explore options for redoing her kitchen countertops.

“I’m a ‘cosmetic DIYer’ in my house,” says Bell, a resident of Colorado. “I’ve painted my home interior walls, laid flooring and tiled. When I located the SpreadStone Mineral Select countertop kits online I knew this was the perfect project for our kitchen.”

Cost-Effective Countertop Solution

With a limited budget for her makeover, Bell did her research, ordered the kit and epoxy coating. Then she watched the Daich video showing installation tips. Within one weekend, she got rid of the ugly Formica counter and replaced it with a Volcanic Black SpreadStone countertop.

The SpreadStone Mineral Select Kits can transform existing countertops of laminate, cultured marble, Formica and other solid surfaces. The result is a dynamic multi-colored decorative stone finish that provides shimmering mineral accents and color highlights found in natural mined rock.

With the proprietary stone technology from Daich Coatings, homeowners can get exciting decorative option for enhancing their home interior. In just one weekend, worn-out vanities, bartops, countertops and tables can be turned into luxurious stone surfaces.

“Family members are surprised and jealous about my ‘new’ countertops,” says Bell. “My son and his wife just spent $8,000 for quartz countertops in their home — and he was really impressed with the results of this kit. The very reasonable cost of the Daich Coatings kit was totally worth the results.”

Finishing Off the Kitchen

  Bell’s “new” countertop was the final piece in her kitchen remodel. She had previously redone the floors with peel-and-stick planks and repainted the room.

“My new countertops are amazing,” says Bell. “The transformation from the ugly white Formica to the sleek new black countertops is so impressive. I just can’t stop running my hands over them whenever I walk into the kitchen!”

The SpreadStone Mineral Select kit comes in 10 decorative colors: Onyx Fog, Oyster, Canyon Gold, Mantle Stone, Natural White, Coriander Cream, Sundance, Volcanic Black, Iron Stone and Lodestone.  Each cost-effective kit (available for $125) includes application tools and required coatings to complete 30 to 40 square feet of space. The three-step process includes applications of a stone base coat, decorative stone coat and stone clear top coat.

Davina’s Tips:

  • Follow the directions and take your time.
  • Try using 180 grit sandpaper on your last pass to get the finished product as smooth as possible.
  • Be generous with the epoxy on the top to get a mirror smooth finish.

Adding Curb Appeal with SpreadStone™ Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Kit

Cynthia and Dan Capezio wanted to add more curb appeal to their Florida home. Instead of looking up at their home, they looked down at their feet.

“My husband had our home built about 13 years ago,” says Cynthia Capezio. “The large driveway was plain concrete. Then, about five years ago another section was added at the bottom of the driveway, so the concrete colors in the driveway didn’t match. And, to make matters worse, we looked down and saw some very visible cracks.”

To make an impressive change to their home exterior, Cynthia and Dan started to search online for concrete resurfacing DIY products. That’s when they discovered Daich Coatings.

Taking the Plunge After reviewing online information for the SpreadStone™ Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Kits, the Florida couple decided to take the plunge. They ordered five of the large kits in the Cold Gold Slate color, enough to cover 2,000 square feet of space.

The patent-pending pre-mixed, factory-tinted stone coating is easy to roll onto a surface. The coatings dry quickly, so results are fast to see.

“In the beginning of the project we took a full day to clean and pressure wash the driveway and sidewalk,” says Cynthia. “We took extra time to make a diamond-shaped wood template for our stone design.

“It took us a day to figure out exactly how we wanted to do the tape placements. It wasn’t hard, it was just some decisions we had to make. Then we proceeded with the primer and laying down the tape.”

A Step at a Time

With the primer down, the husband-and-wife team waited 24 hours to let the curing take place. Then they followed the instructions and added the base coat and accent colors.

“Each step took us a full day to complete,” says Cynthia. “It’s an awfully big driveway. But, at the end of five days, it was finished.

“Next we tackled the sidewalk. That went much quicker since it was a smaller area and we had the practice of doing the driveway first.”

But There’s More …

To give a truly unique accent to their home exterior, Cynthia and Dan took an extra step. They drew out palm trees, then cut them out of cardboard. The pair traced them onto specific areas on the driveway and sidewalk, then painted them in. Now the palm trees stand out as a sign of welcome for their home.

“We love the new look,” says Cynthia. “Our neighbors have stopped and told us how nice it looks. Many have commented that it looks very professional. This project really increased the curb appeal of our home.

“This was another satisfying home DIY project we’ve done together. Next we’re getting ready to use Daich Coatings products to tackle the garage floor so it matches the driveway!”

Cynthia’s Tips:

– If you live in a warm location like we do, put down the base coat during the early morning hours. We did it mid-day and it was drying before we could roll it on!

– Contact Daich Coatings if you have questions. They were able to mail us real samples so we could see for ourselves what the product would look like before we purchased it.

– Take your time. When tackling a large DIY project like this, it’s great to pace yourself and to also go back to the installation instructions and videos.