New Life for Backyard Setting

In sunny southern California, where outdoor living takes place most of the year, Anthony B. had a challenge. His backyard barbecue kitchen center and seating area were showing signs of aging. The DIYer knew there had to be “refresher options” available and decided to tackle the job.

“After eight years of continual use, it was almost impossible to clean the dirt and grease off the barbecue counter,” says Anthony. “There were small cracks showing and aged water stains on the sides. I knew there had to be a product in the marketplace that could solve these problems.”


New Surfaces

Anthony searched the internet for solutions. The Daich Coatings website convinced him to do a trial run.

“I purchased one gallon of RollerRock® in a deep gray Lava Rock color for under $50,” says Anthony. “I was literally amazed at how good it looked on the countertop and how easy it was to apply. I immediately ordered more products to coat the concrete seating area near my fire pit.”

The real stone coating of RollerRock resists freeze/thaw conditions, mold, mildew, water and UV rays. Traditionally used on horizontal surfaces (like walkways and driveways), the durable product also resists salt, chemical, impact and abrasion, along with hot tire pickup. Available in 15 colors, RollerRock is laboratory tested to provide up to double the recommended OSHA slip-resistance rating.

Coating the Sides

Once he got started, there was no stopping the DIYer. “I ordered gallons of VertiStone® Roll-On Wall Texture for the stucco sides of both the barbeque kitchen and the seating area,” says Anthony. “Those sides were originally smooth stucco, and the kitchen tops were solid concrete. The years of wear, dirt and grime have all been erased with the Daich Coatings products.”

Without mixing, prep work or multi-step labor-intensive processes, VertiStone quickly transforms a surface. By using decorative textured brushes and the stone coating, different finishes can easily be achieved, including smooth polished marble, natural suede, parchment, dream lace and linen.

VertiStone tints to thousands of colors and can be applied directly onto drywall, block, masonry and concrete surfaces. Designed for both interior and exterior use, the fast-drying finish features extremely low VOCs and is odorless. The breathable finish does not encourage mold and mildew, so it can be used in high humidity areas of the home, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Protecting the Surfaces

To protect the newly-coated surfaces, Anthony applied coats of Hi-Build Ultra Clear Coat. The tough, protective coating resists water, U/V rays, chemicals, impact and abrasion. It also resists mold and mildew, hot tire pickup and salt.

“I’m so pleased with the outcome of the backyard projects that I’m moving forward with a new front porch project,” says Anthony. “I’ve ordered RollerRock to make the porch look better than new. And, I have a friend who needs to redo his second story patio floor. He’s using RollerRock and I’ve offered to help.

 “I’ve become addicted to the fast success that can be achieved with the Daich Coatings products. They’re easy to use, do the job they’re supposed to do, look great, and are reasonably priced. You can’t really ask for much more!”

“I Knew If I Could Paint, I Could Apply This Product”

Teresa Woodruff is a not really a DIYer. However, inspired to get rid of her baby blue kitchen countertops, she took the plunge.

“I can, and do, paint inside my home,” says Woodruff, a resident of Washington. “So I figured I could roll on a new countertop finish — and I was right!”

Kitchen Upgrade

After living for 28 years with the “battle scarred and worn” kitchen countertops, Woodruff and her husband, Mark Jensen, dove in to tackle the project. They started by taking out the sink and faucet completely, to give them easy access to the countertop surface.

“Preparation is everything,” says Woodruff. “If you follow the instructions you’re in great shape.”

Woodruff and Jensen decided to start by painting all their kitchen cabinets white. Then they painted the walls Agreeable Gray (SW 7029) by Sherwin-Williams®. Adding the Onyx Fog countertops from Daich Coatings was the perfect fit. After that they installed a two-piece light bronze metal-looking backsplash above the stove. New flooring and appliances will be added soon.

“The SpreadStone™ Countertop Finishing Kit was a life saver,” says Woodruff. “I bought a second kit to coat our two small bathroom countertops. I guess I’m really becoming a DIYer after all.

“The new countertops make me feel happy. The real stone coating is very elegant. I’m glad we took the plunge with the SpreadStone product — we truly love the results!”


Full Kitchen Makeover for $1,100

Is it possible to fully update a 1970s kitchen with new flooring, countertops, stove, lighting and cabinets for just $1,100? Yes, it is!

New Flooring

Anna took on this challenge when her husband agreed to put in much-needed new flooring in their kitchen. Her old floor had vinyl tiles with a brick appearance. In several places the tiles had come up, and the subfloor was rotted.

“The new flooring was the most expensive part of the makeover,” says Anna. “Our beautiful new floor is luxury vinyl planking that’s 100% waterproof.”

Like-New Cupboards

While her husband worked on the flooring, Anna got started sanding and prepping her Formica cupboards. She removed hardware and scrubbed each piece with steel wool, then repainted the hardware.

Having the advantage of an existing backsplash of off-white subway tiles that are now back in style, Anna chose a taupe color for her cupboards. After completing the repainting of the cupboards and hardware, she turned next to the countertops.


Countertop Tips for Success

“I did a Google search for countertop alternatives and found Daich Coatings,” says Anna. “My tight budget forced me to look for different options instead of replacing the countertops. The SpreadStone Countertop Finishing Kit was the perfect solution.”

Anna was more than ready to get rid of her Formica laminate countertops. They had unsightly burn marks and chips that she was eager to cover.

After selecting the Oyster color kit, Anna got to work.

“The best piece of advice I can offer anyone doing a kitchen rehab is to try and have a design plan in place with all your colors chosen before selecting the countertop color,” says Anna. “After that, just follow the easy instructions in the kit!”

Anna offers these tips to anyone tackling the countertop kit:

Tip #1 – Clean and prep your surface very well before applying your base coat.

Tip #2 – Once the base coat is completed and thoroughly dry, apply the stone coating. Move the stone pieces around on the countertop to get an even distribution. There’s no “right or wrong” for this step — it’s just your personal preference.

Tip #3 – A rotary sander makes the job of sanding super easy!

Tip #4 – Take extra time to thoroughly clean the surface before applying the sealant.

Tip #5 – Apply several top coats of sealant for a very durable finish. I used three!

Tip #6 – Make sure not to get any water droplets on the surface during the curing time of the sealant.

Economical Countertop Kit

With the countertop finished, the entire kitchen upgrade was almost complete. Anna found a “new” stove on Craigslist for $75. Then she visited a local thrift store and found a hanging light fixture for over the sink. The price? Just $8.

“The Daich Coatings countertop product was the most fun I had with this project,” says Anna. “The results even fooled a contractor friend of ours. When he came over to see it, he thought we had replaced our countertops with real granite!

“The countertop kit was right up my alley. It saved the day to complete my new kitchen on a very tight budget. I’m recommending this kit to all my friends. It’s an affordable project that brings very impressive results!”

Big Change to Small Bathroom

To get an entirely new look in a small bathroom, Susan Collins invested in SpreadStone™ Countertop Kits in Canyon Gold. Based on her first experience, the homeowner also plans to tackle the countertops in her main bathroom and kitchen in the near future.

“The Daich countertop kits are modularized and easy to use,” says Collins, a resident of Westbrook, Maine. “The kit contains everything you need for base coats, main coat, sanding and finish. We bought four kits and can’t wait to do more projects.”

For her first level small bathroom, a one-sink countertop got the new Canyon Gold stone finish.

Then, Collins stripped out the floor to the plywood, smoothed it out, and then applied a coat of the SpreadStone.


While SpreadStone™ Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Kits are generally not recommended for floor applications, Collins wanted the matching colors and chose to use the countertop kit.

 “This was so much fun, and so easy, that I just wanted to keep going!” says Collins. “The directions in the kit are very complete. There are also videos online for DIYers like myself!”

Major Facelift for Small Porch

How do you increase the curb appeal of a 50-year-old home? Start with a SpreadStone Decorative Resurfacing Kit! That’s exactly what Ashley Handsaeme and Braden Roberts did for their home in Hamilton, Ontario.

After living in their “new old home” for just seven months, they decided it was time to focus on the upgrading their home’s exterior. Once they found the Daich Coatings website, they quickly discovered that real stone coating was the way to transform their ugly concrete porch and steps. “Our overall vision is to paint our brick exterior a dark charcoal gray,” says Ashley Handsaeme. “We chose the Lake Rock color in the SpreadStone kit to complement our future goal for upping the curb appeal on our property.”

Easy Weekend Project

Even without the change of brick color, the SpreadStone finish has already improved the curb appeal of the Handsaeme home.

“It only took us an afternoon to apply the color,” says Handsaeme. “Another couple of hours were needed for the clear coat and then we let it cure. Four simple steps and it was an easy weekend project!” Currently available in five color finishes, the versatile pre-mixed SpreadStone real stone coating resists cracks, impact, water, abrasions and chemicals. The product rolls on easily over a primed seamless or stenciled surface. After the first coat dries, a second coat in a different color may be applied to create a unique color distinction. “The instructions are very accurate and easy to follow,” according to Handsaeme. “When applying the first accent color, it may seem to go on thick at first. However, once it blends with the second accent color it really looks great.

“Our neighbors and friends have all complimented our work. Everyone agrees that the SpreadStone finish has brought new life to our front porch!”

Kitchen and Bath Real Stone Resurfacing Projects

Kitchen Countertop

Searching for a cost-effective way to revitalize your aging countertops and wall tiles? Then look no further than real stone finishes from Daich Coatings.

You can easily change your kitchen and bathroom surfaces with SpreadStone Countertop Finishing Kits and SpreadStone Wall Tile Refinishing Kits from Daich Coatings.

“If you can use a roller and paintbrush, then you can use these products to create new stone horizontal and vertical surfaces,” says Peter Daich, president of Daich Coatings. “Our proprietary stone technology, which has been in use for more than 25 years on all kinds of exterior surfaces, now gives people an exciting new decorative option for enhancing home interiors.”

SpreadStone Countertop Finishing Kit


Existing countertops made of laminate, cultured marble, concrete, wood, tile and other solid surfaces all effortlessly accept the SpreadStone finish. Just roll on a new stone surface — right over an existing kitchen or bathroom countertop — in just a weekend.            


SpreadStone is a dynamic multi-colored decorative stone finish that provides shimmering mineral accents and color highlights found in natural mined rock. The coating system has outstanding resistance to hot pans, stains, abrasion, impact and household cleaners, making it ideal for the general wear and tear common with busy kitchens and other areas of the home.


The decorative stone solutions are available for less than $125 a kit in 11 decorative color options. All application tools and required coatings are included in a kit. Each kit transforms up to 40 square feet of surface. The finishes are essentially odorless and come pre-mixed and ready to apply immediately, with no harsh chemicals.


Apply the product in three simple steps — a stone base coat, a decorative stone coat and a stone clear top coat. The coatings create a lasting and elegant new upgrade for any room. As a bonus, the cost effectiveness of the product makes it easy and inexpensive to change the color whenever desired to suit new decor in the future.

SpreadStone Countertop Finishing Kit – Color Options:

  • Bright White, Canyon Gold, Iron Stone, Lodestone, Mantle Stone, Natural White, Onyx Fog, Oyster, Sundance, Volcanic Black, Yosemite.


SpreadStone Wall Tile Refinishing Kit


“By following a few easy steps you can quickly say farewell to dirty grout lines and old-fashioned tiles in just a weekend,” says Daich. “And, best of all, this kit is just a fraction of the price that you’d pay to replace your old tiles!”

The SpreadStone Wall Tile kit includes everything needed to roll on a premium stone or porcelain finish. Starting with a bond coat and stone coating, the existing tile surface is completely covered. A stone accent coat is then applied with a textured roller. Following that, a stone highlight coat is applied. Finally, a stone clear coat is added to seal the finish.

“Sometimes the look of a tile gets old and dull,” says Daich. “Other times the grout is stained or you just want a change. This DIY kit project is priced under $100 to cover up to 50 square feet per coat. It’s fast and easy, and can be done on tiles in bathrooms and shower areas, on a kitchen backsplash, as an accent wall tile or even on decorative columns.”

The new SpreadStone surface on the tiles is hard and durable, and provides a waterproof barrier. The coatings resist cleaning chemicals, mold and mildew for long-term beauty. All the water-based products are odorless with fast drying times and come in 20 different colors.

SpreadStone Wall Tile Refinishing Kit – Color Options:

  • Alabaster, Blue Sea, Copper Slate, Cucina, Dusk Slate, Earthen Slate, Ember Glow, Harvest Gold, Marble Frost, Oak Stone, Ochre Field, Porcelain Cream, Red Clay Slate, River Rock, Sandstone, Soft Dawn, Soft Rain, Spring Field, Tanfield, Umber Gold.

Rolling on a New Garage Floor

Garage Epoxy Coating

Lindsey Wiese knew exactly that she wanted to do with her garage after moving into her new Austin, Texas home. Before household boxes, bikes and bins started cluttering the garage, she decided to have DaiHard® 100 epoxy coating applied to the floor.

“I wanted the garage floor to look as nice as the rest of the house,” says Wiese, the author of the Joie de Vivre blog. “Applying the coating gives it a ‘finished out,’ customized appearance.”

Cost Effective Finish

After getting professional quotes for refinishing her garage floor that “made her head spin,” Wiese selected the economical DaiHard 100 Industrial Strength Epoxy Floor Kit. Priced under $100, each kit covers 250 square feet of space. For her project, Wiese used three kits in the tan coloring. So, instead of paying thousands of dollars, the cost of her floor was just under $300.

“We found this Daich Coatings product is far superior to other DIY garage floor epoxy kits on the market,” says Wiese. “We were really unhappy with a product we used years ago on the garage floor in a former home. With DaiHard, we could immediately tell the difference in the thickness of the resin and in the glossiness of the finish.

“The added bonus is that the DaiHard surface is not slippery at all. We know people who invested in pricey garage floors that are very slippery. I’m not sure how Daich Coatings did it, but we have that high-gloss sheen without the slip risk. Plus, I love that I can run out to the garage in my bare feet and not track in dust from an unfinished concrete surface!”

Tips for Success

According to Wiese, who wrote about the resurfacing of the garage floor in her blog, preparation and patience are key.

“Getting the floor really clean before starting is essential,” says Wiese. “This means power washing and getting up all the dirt. We reviewed the prep materials from Daich Coatings carefully before starting the project.”

Wiese chose to have her painter handle the garage floor project since he had an electric floor scrubber machine and a power washer. After applying the DaiHard coating, he used an air gun sprayer to apply an even coating of the vinyl flakes.

“The product is so thick, and dries ultra-glossy,” says Wiese. “One coat is truly all you need. As a new homeowner, I found that the DaiHard 100 kit was the perfect solution for finishing off our garage.”

DaiHard 100

Unlike weaker water-based epoxies, DaiHard is a “100% solids” epoxy formula that withstands heavy-duty forklift traffic – but at a cost similar to common water-based offerings.

Available in gray or tan, DaiHard can be easily tackled as a DIY project by homeowners.
Once applied to a clean surface — using a standard paint roller or squeegee applicator — the industrial strength epoxy coating locks onto interior concrete floors with exceptional adhesion capabilities, impact and abrasion resistance.

The low-odor, zero VOC epoxy delivers professional-grade, heavy-duty performance on all types of concrete surfaces, including garage and workshop floors, laundry rooms, basements, cellars and more.

Kitchen DIY Queen

SpreadStone Countertop Refinishing Kit

Homeowner Michelle Caples recently earned a new title: Kitchen DIY Queen!

During her COVID-19 quarantine time, Michelle tackled several projects. First up, repainting her kitchen cabinets. After that, she said farewell to her old, blue Formica countertops. In just 2-1/2 days she transformed them with the SpreadStone® Countertop Finishing Kit.

“After 16 long years I was so glad to get rid of those ugly blue countertops!” says Michelle, who lives in Kansas. “Now I have beautiful Onxy Fog real stone countertops that completely upgrade the look of my kitchen. I can see the shimmering mineral accents throughout the entire countertop!”

Getting Ready

After reading about our Daich Coatings products on Facebook, Michelle ordered her kit online. Then she watched our instructional videos.

“I actually watched the instructional video about 10 times!” says Michelle. “I also researched every blog post on the product to gain more tips. With that preparation, the actual application went quite smoothly.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the easiest possible DIY project, I give the SpreadStone Countertop Kit a 3. I impressed myself that I could make our countertops look so professional for such a reasonable price!”

Weekend Transformations

SpreadStone Countertop Refinishing Kit

Sherry Jacobson and Rania Abdulla are true Daich Coatings “Weekend Warriors.” They each used our SpreadStone Mineral Select Countertop Refinishing Kit to transform part of their homes in just one weekend.

            For Sherry, the change came in her kitchen. But for Rania, her project was tackling a dining room table top!

Sherry’s Kitchen

            Although her countertops were installed in 2018, Sherry Jacobson never liked them. In fact, she hated the brown color that they chose. At the time it matched her home interior. But, over the last few years, Sherry’s house has undergone some transformations. Like many people, she’s moved to a rustic farmhouse look with a focus more on gray tones.

            “I took a leap of faith and purchased the Daich Coatings countertop kit on The Home Depot website,” says Sherry, a resident of Janesville, Wisc. “I chose the Onyx Fog color to brighten up the kitchen and complement the gray tones we now have throughout our house.”

            Since Sherry and her family were “sheltering in place” during the COVID-19 restrictions, she decided to jump right into the project.

            “I started the countertop project late Friday evening and it was fully completed by Sunday!” says Sherry. “On a scale of 1 to 10, this was so easy it’s a 1. If you know how to use a paint brush and a roller, and can sand and follow instructions, this becomes an unbelievably easy experience.

            “I completed this project all by myself. And I’m proud of making this transformation take place in our kitchen!”

Rania’s Dining Room Table

            Rania Abdulla is into “upcycling” — using reclaimed items and making them work better for her home. As a blogger, she’s had lots of experience in this category. However, she’d never worked with our Daich Coatings products before.

            While she originally wanted to apply the real stone coating to her bathroom countertop, inspiration struck. She needed to solve a dilemma on how to get a new upscale look for her old dining room tabletop. That’s when Rania made the decision to give our Natural White coating a try.

            “My 13-year-old IKEA table that was pretty beat up,” says Rania. “This table had been ‘transformed’ several times over the years and was ready for upcycling.”

            Following all the instructions provided with the kit, she and her husband created an online blog tutorial of the transformation. The project proved easy, and the new tabletop gleams in their dining room.

The Canadian blogger now has the table she dreamed of, and can count herself as a “Weekend Warrior” with our Daich Coatings kit!