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Your luxurious DIY GRANITE upgrade is here!

Now you’ll be able to add a premium stone surface right over your existing countertop – this weekend – with the LuxROCK™ Solid Surface Granite Kit by Daich Coatings. It’s a high performance authentically beautiful alternative to traditional granite and solid surface countertops that normally cost thousands to install.

LuxROCK™ is REAL STONE that’s both functional and decorative, with stunning mineral highlights and sparkling accents found in natural mined rock that you spread easily over top of your existing surface – with absolutely no need for special artistic or technical skill.

In almost no time at all, using common painting tools, you can add a luxuriously smooth new stone surface that looks and performs like real granite. But with no long wait time, no messy replacement construction – and no scary price tag that locks you into the same countertop forever! Easily and economically switch to a new look and color whenever you wish without compromise.

Everything is in the kit. All you need is the desire to add authentic stone elegance to your countertops and more!

Gary Sullivan at home

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At Home with Gary Sullivan interviews Peter Daich about the new LuxROCK Solid Surface Countertop Kit

What’s the difference?

LuxRock Solid Surface CountertopWe’ve just introduced our new LuxROCK Solid Surface Granite Countertop Kit as a brand new option for refinishing countertops, tables and more…

so how does it compare to our SpreadStone Countertop Finishing Kit? While they share most of the same advantages, there are some key differences to consider when deciding which version better suits your personal design goals. Click HERE to help you decide which one is right for you!

You'll SAVE THOUSANDS compared to installing traditional stone slabs costing $3000 - $5000

Choose from these beautiful colors!

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LuxROCK™ is a revolutionary stone resurfacing system.
Brush it on it right over the surfaces you already have with no need for messy, expensive construction

 Why compromise and settle for anything less than REAL stone?
Transform your surfaces into luxuriously smooth, solid sparkling beauty you will love!

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7 reviews for LuxROCK Solid Surface countertop

  1. Andrea

    Just finished my bathroom countertop. Love the result. Looks just like granite. My boyfriend was very skeptical but even he is impressed! Can’t wait to do the kitchen! I’d agree that you need to read instructions and watch the video. I rewatched it before each step. The hardest part for me was not to over-sand. I have flat counter edges and I had to keep redoing the edges due to over-sanding. I also highly recommend the orbital sander over hand-sanding. I had a few tight spots that required hand-sanding and it was not easy! I can’t even imagine doing the whole countertop that way. I bought the sander just for this project and it was so worth it! I had a few questions that I had to email customer service about and Paul got back to me immediately every time. I’m already recommending this to others!

  2. Keith

    Great product. I think the updated videos are very helpful. My counter was over 70 sq. ft. the best advice I could offer is “put everything on as thick as possible.”

  3. Jose Serrano (verified owner)

    Just completed my luxrock last week and I must say it looks great. Lots of work and I even rushed the process a little. The end look does look like granite or at least formica granite. My counters have a no drip lip which makes it hard to perfect. If I had square edges i think it would looks even better. I would recommend this to anyone that doesn’t want to remove the old formica and open up a can of worms. My only complaint would be I wish the white was a little more off white.

  4. Josh-J&J Services

    Daich knocked this one out of the park. I’m a general contractor and handyman by trade so I’ve had my fair share of clients wanting their countertops resurfaced. I’d always used one of those sponge on paint kits from Lowe’s or HD to get the appearance of stone, but I recently had a client who wanted to try LuxROCK and this product really is a game changer. I will only be recommending Daich’s LuxROCK from here on out. It was extremely easy to install and came out looking great, not to mention looking like real stone and not a cheap imitation like the other guys products. I highly recommend Daich LuxROCK as an inexpensive way to quickly renovate your kitchen in a weekend. And you don’t need a professional to install it, it’s really simple to do. I recommend watching the video once before installing and using the included instructions as reference, the written instructions are good but the video gives much more detail.

  5. Amy (verified owner)

    We are very pleased with how our kitchen counters look. Very interesting process. Stone coating my favourite transformation part.
    Had used the Spreadstone for a bathroom counter and loved it. So, decided to try the LuxROCK for the kitchen. Customer service was excellent when we had questions – quick and thorough.

  6. Elizabeth Shealy Turner (verified owner)

    I am so pleased with my countertops. I am in a rental and the kitchen countertops were painted and worn. I enjoyed the project and am proud of the finished product. I’ll be purchasing another kit for bathroom counters.

  7. Dennis W. Jones

    Excellent product!! Couldn’t get counters in time for a job completion date, so I made my own counters with MDF. Product was super easy to use and the results are spectacular. Will be using in my own kitchen soon.

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