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Massive Kitchen Transformation with LuxROCK™

Brooklyn Berry craves bright spaces. So, after moving into her new home and living with her “splattered barf” colored kitchen countertops for two years, they had to go.

The old granite quartz mix countertops were actually a neutral beige with a darker brown color. From a distance they looked okay, but close up you could see stains on them.

“I’ve learned that I’m pretty sensitive to color in my surroundings,” says Berry. “These countertops were way too dark with the dark kitchen cabinets. I needed bright lighting to make me feel better in my living space.”

Before 2
Before 1

Bright White Countertops

To gain the brightness she needed, Berry decided to add LuxROCK™ to her countertops in Platinum White. As an influencer, she took her followers along the transformation journey with her and chronicled the project on her Brooklyn Berry Designs site.

“Overall, I would say this was an easy application process,” says Berry. “Messy, but easy. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being super easy, I’d rate this project a 4. It helps to have some power tools, like a rotary sander and a shop vac with a dust collector to make the project go smoothly. If you’re willing to invest a few days time, I think this is a very satisfying project that is well worth the effort.”

Berry’s kitchen is quite expansive … she actually needed three of the LuxROCK™ Solid Surface Granite Countertop Kits. While each kit covers 40 square feet of space, this kitchen has countertops under the cabinets along with a large center island and table at the end. The total countertop space is more than 90 square feet.

“The value is the best part about this project,” says Berry. “The look for the price is unbeatable. All of my neighbors and friends have asked me about my countertops. When they see them in person, touch them, and look at them up close, they all ask how I did it. Nobody believes that this was a DIY project. Not only did this project save an incredible amount of money, I also appreciate that we aren’t ripping out a custom piece of stone and putting it in a landfill!”

Happy Transformation

White countertop

Happy with the final LuxROCK result in her kitchen, Berry now has the brightness she craves; along with the satisfaction that she achieved the new countertops herself.

“I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s true … the Platinum White color is all that I hoped and dreamed it would be,” says Berry. “The overall look and quality of the countertops is simply amazing.

“The feeling in the space is even better than I could have expected. I love the color update so much. I can honestly say I love cleaning up my counters. Wiping them gives me a chance to admire the little flecks of shine!”

As Berry, her husband and four sons enjoy the bright white new countertops, she has one final piece of advice to pass on, “If you think you can tackle this project, you can,” says Berry. “If anyone is debating on starting this project, I’d encourage them to jump in. You’ll get a great new countertop and a true feeling of accomplishment!”

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