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Get Inspired in 2023

Need inspiration to get started with a new Daich Coatings DIY project this year? Here’s what some homeowners told us recently about investing their time and DIY talents into Daich Coatings products:

“I love the versatility of SpreadStone textured stone coatings. I use this product on many of my design projects. It’s perfect for transforming a concrete deck into a flagstone finish or giving an outdoor bar tabletop a unique, custom appearance.”

“The Customer Service team at Daich Coatings is excellent. I was really impressed with how fast they responded to me and how dedicated they were to getting me answers. Daich Coatings is a very good company to work with on DIY projects.”

“We love our new garage floor. The SpreadStone product was very easy to work with and provided us with tremendous results. In just five days our garage area was beautifully transformed!”

“I’m an amateur DIYer. I enjoy the destruction prior to the project as much as the construction! But I’m really impatient. That’s why the kits and products from Daich Coatings are so great. I get to see transformations very quickly.”

“The product is stunning and looks so natural. I’m so impressed that I’ll be using it on two more projects in the near future and in my own home.”

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