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See It, Do It: Marble Dream® Resurfacing Kits

Cosmos Black

Wake up, it’s not just a dream!

Now we’re providing step-by-step video showing you exactly how easy it is to get a real marble surface with the Marble Dream® Resurfacing Kit.

Let your imagination and creativity soar. Whether you choose soft, swirly lines that curve across the countertop or distinct, tighter veins that reach around a tabletop, you’ll love the fast results you achieve with Marble Dream.

Check out both the Cosmos Black and Pristine White installation videos. Then order your kit at the special $139 introductory price so you can have your dreamy marble topped surface done for the holidays!

Here’s a complete instructional video showing how easy Marble Dream® is to apply!

If you are looking for realistic BLACK natural marble that you can do in a day and enjoy for years — look no further than the Marble Dream Kit in Cosmos Black. Check out this short video showing how easy it is to completely renew your space with this REAL MARBLE coating system, complete with iridescent metallic pearl veins! Application is quick and easy with this doorless, non toxic, fast application that’s more durable than epoxy.

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