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Tale of Two Countertops

From coast to coast (and in between!) homeowners are learning just how easy and rewarding it is to use our SpreadStone Countertop Finishing Kit.

Up in Wisconsin

When Denise did her online research for a way to refresh her countertops, she discovered that Daich Coatings stood out as a “budget friendly, simple and successful method.” She liked the SpreadStone kit and was excited about the depth it would give her 30+ year old kitchen countertops.

“As long as you can paint, be patient and follow the steps, the results are pretty much guaranteed,” says Denise, a resident of Kenosha, Wisconsin. “I selected the Oyster color and love the results. For the time and money this kit cost, it was completely worth it.”

Countertop before

After her success, Denise is ready to share some tips with others who will tackle their countertops:

Tip #1 – Be patient. Stick with the time frames pointed out in the instructions.

Tip #2 – Sanding is crucial. If you’re comfortable using an orbital sander, that will save time. However, if you want more control, sand by hand.

Tip #3 – If you have sharp corners along the edge of the countertop, take time to go around those with sand paper to give them a little bit of a rounded feel. This way the product adheres better and you don’t have any sharp edges.

Tip #4 – If you have a backsplash, tape it off.

Tip #5 – Use plastic to cover below your cabinets to prevent getting any product on them during the process.

Down in Alabama

For Lloyd and Aimee Meyers, they too were looking at shaking up the look of their 30-year-old kitchen countertops. And, they had a bit of assistance with the project. The team at Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford TV show were nearby to assist.

“Chelsea Lipford was in our kitchen working on the countertops with us as they filmed a segment for their show,” says Lloyd Meyers, who lives in Mobile, Alabama. “The process was easy, with no mess and no demo. The end results exceeded our expectations!”

The Meyers selected the Volcanic Black stone color to give their kitchen a more modern look and to compliment their cabinetry.

“Instead of replacing our countertops, which would be really expensive, the $125 kit from Daich Coatings transformed our kitchen,” says Meyers. “I feel the value is worth it and I’d absolutely recommend this product to other homeowners.”


  1. Where can I go in the Minneapolis area to actually see physical samples of the Diach Spreadstone coatings & color selections? Yes, I can order product on line, but want to see a physical sample of actual “texture”, prior to ordering. Let me know please. Thanks

    1. Thank you for your interest in Daich products. For specific product application help and info, please contact us at 1-866-463-2424 (GO-DAICH) 9am to 5pm EST. Monday to Friday

      or at [email protected]

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