Fini transparent Hi-Build Ultra


Multi-purpose Satin Sealer.

High performance protection and beauty for concrete, masonry and DAICH stone surfaces.

74.94 CA$199.95 CA$ Free Shipping (up to 600 lbs).

Beautify and Preserve Your Concrete & More

Your concrete, paving stones, flagstone, stucco and more are under constant attack by harsh weather, water, salt, UV rays, dirt and pollutants. Hi-Build Ultra Clear Coat is a tough protective coating you can use to help shield them from the elements — and keep them in maintained condition.

Just roll on two coats a few hours apart for lasting performance.

Caractéristiques et avantages

Où l’utiliser

Il suffit de le rouler !

Appliquez deux couches

Laissez sécher de 1 à 2 heures.

Un gallon couvre jusqu'à 500 pieds carrés par couche.

Many places to use

Customer Reviews

1 avis pour Hi-Build Ultra

  1. Charlie Cunningham (client confirmé)

    I used this over SpreadStone. It’s a sealer but, it’s also very tough. I used a small 4” roller to get in the small areas and when I was done, I threw the roller cover in the shop trash can and then went on vacation. When I got back two weeks later I started back to work and saw the roller cover in the trash can. Out of curiosity, I picked it out and noticed that it was rock hard…. I couldn’t dig into the microfibers with my thumbnail and when I banged on the workbench, it held up. The final coat on my customer’s SpreadRock was hard too but, I thought I’d share my findings. Awesome customer service, too.

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