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Revolutionary New LuxROCK™ Solid Surface Granite Countertop Kit

Now is the time to fall in love with the newest DIY product from Daich Coatings —our LuxROCK™ Solid Surface Granite Countertop Kit. Add a smooth, granite surface over your countertops, tables and vanities. Now available nationwide, the kit covers 40 square feet of space and retails for just $299. AND, we have a special introductory price of just $239 on the kit until April 30, 2022!


“This easy four-step DIY process totally revolutionizes how consumers can sidestep costly and complicated processes of adding real granite or solid surface slabs to their homes,” says Peter Daich, president of Daich Coatings. “Using the items in the kit, any existing flat surface can be upgraded in just one weekend. The result is a luxurious new stone surface that looks and performs just like real granite.”

According to Daich, the high-end appearance of the finished product has a smooth richness that rivals a professional granite countertop installation, at just a fraction of the price.

Roll On Real Granite Richness

Each LuxROCK Solid Surface Granite Countertop Kit includes a prime coat, stone coats, clear epoxy and a clear coat finish. Tools needed for the project are included in the kit.

“LuxROCK is a functional and decorative blend of real stone, with stunning mineral highlights,” says Daich. “This project is exceptionally easy and you don’t need any artistic or technical skills to make the resurfacing project a success.

“The best thing is that this is an extremely economical way to get authentic granite surface tops without the exorbitant price of installing slabs of granite. There’s no long wait time or messy construction with this kit. And, you’re not locked into the color! If you want to change it in a few years, just use another countertop kit!”

Named after real granite stones, the colors available in the LuxROCK kits include Galaxy Black, Platinum White, Basalt Mist (a dark gray), Crystal Quartz (a light gray) and Carrara (a creamy beige).


One Weekend Transformation

“LuxROCK is a revolutionary real stone resurfacing system,” says Daich. “If you can use a paint brush, you can transform your surfaces into luxuriously smooth, solid sparkling granite beauty that will simply amaze you.

“Best of all, you’ll save thousands of dollars compared to installing traditional stone slabs. Forget the hassles, supply chain problems and labor hassles. In one weekend you can brush on your own solid surface granite countertop!”

LuxROCK authentic stone surfaces resist stains, heat and impact. Application of the product has low odor and low VOCs. Sinks, plumbing fixtures and countertops do not need to be removed before applying this product to laminates, concrete, plywood, MDF, pre-coated and solid surfaces. The final LuxROCK surface is food safe.

The LuxROCK Solid Surface Granite Countertop Kit, along with other Daich Coatings primers and decorative concrete products, are available online at The Home Depot®, Lowe’s® or at



  1. We put lux rock on our counter and it’s gorgeous. We wondered about care and can you sit anything hot on it

  2. WHAT IS THE SF COUNTERTOP COVERAGE FOR ONE KIT OF LUX ROCK? You should offer sample Color Chips of the LuxRock

    1. Good Day Romeo! The coverage rate of the LuxROCK Solid Surface Granite Countertop Kit is up to 40 sq.ft. We absolutely do offer sample chips of the colors as well. Please just contact us at [email protected] or call us at 1-866-463-2424 for samples or any other assistance you may require. Thanks very much for your inquiry!

    1. Good Day Douglas! For exterior countertop surfaces, we would suggest our SpreadStone Mineral Select Countertop Kit, which is more suited to both indoor AND outdoor applications. LuxROCK is designed for use SPECIFICALLY with interior applications. But otherwise, as far as use on plywood goes, BOTH kits will work great on a plywood base. Build from scratch — and coat it with stone! Thanks for your excellent question Douglas!

  3. Why can’t you actually answer some of the questions instead if instructing people to call or email?? When do you anticipate the instructional videos to be available?

    1. Agree Totally – to assure confidence in your product – please ANSWER CONCERNS POSTED. Avoidance Makes Daich look uncertain about their product

      1. Good Day! Thanks very much for your comment. An instruction video and detailed written instructions are available on the LuxROCK product page. And of course, we are always here to assist you personally as well. Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Thanks again.

  4. I’ve used many of your previous products before and I loved them. I would love to try this new product on my bathroom but now apparently you dont ship to Alaska anymore. Is this product going to be available to purchase in any retailers in the US since I can’t get it through your website?

  5. I would like to use the lux rock on the garage floor. I see that you have 5 different colors..I need to see the whole garage in these colors. Do you have any pictures of those?

  6. Do you have swatches available?
    When will additional colors be coming out that you spoke about on Gary’s show?

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