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One Homeowner — Two Daich Coatings Projects!

One Homeowner --- Two Daich Coatings Projects!

Gina Ognoskie is on a roll … with rolling on Daich Coatings products!

Earlier this year, the Houston homeowner decided to redo her kitchen countertops with our SpreadStone Countertop Finishing Kit. Then, after that project went so smoothly, she purchased the SpreadStone Wall Tile Refinishing Kit and redid her bathroom shower!

Starting in the Kitchen
Ognoskie discovered our products on Google when she was searching for a way to refinish her white Formica countertops.

“The older countertops came with the house and were always a problem,” says Ognoskie. “Anytime you put a grocery bag or anything with color on the white countertops, the countertop surface would get stained. I wanted to end this problem.”

The solution came when she ordered the Oyster color of our countertop refinishing kit featuring real stone coatings. “In just a day and a half I was able to do the entire kitchen all by myself,” says Ognoskie. “The Daich Coating kit was very easy to use. I watched the online video and followed the instructions. It was that easy!”

Into the Bathroom
Ognoskie liked the feeling of accomplishment the kitchen countertop kit gave her. So she started looking at other areas of her home as potential projects.

“The countertop kit was so easy to use, and had such great results that I wanted to keep going!” says Ognoskie. “I never really liked the tile in my shower, so I purchased the SpreadStone Wall Tile Kit in the River Rock color. It was just as easy of a project. The kit really transformed my shower!”

With two Daich Coatings projects behind her, Ognoskie is happy with the results.

“My tip for people considering these projects is just to DO IT!” says Ognoskie. “You won’t regret it. The Daich Coatings kits have everything you need to successfully transform different areas of your home!”

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