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Major Facelift for Small Porch

How do you increase the curb appeal of a 50-year-old home? Start with a SpreadStone Decorative Resurfacing Kit! That’s exactly what Ashley Handsaeme and Braden Roberts did for their home in Hamilton, Ontario.

After living in their “new old home” for just seven months, they decided it was time to focus on the upgrading their home’s exterior. Once they found the Daich Coatings website, they quickly discovered that real stone coating was the way to transform their ugly concrete porch and steps. “Our overall vision is to paint our brick exterior a dark charcoal gray,” says Ashley Handsaeme. “We chose the Lake Rock color in the SpreadStone kit to complement our future goal for upping the curb appeal on our property.”

Easy Weekend Project

Even without the change of brick color, the SpreadStone finish has already improved the curb appeal of the Handsaeme home.

“It only took us an afternoon to apply the color,” says Handsaeme. “Another couple of hours were needed for the clear coat and then we let it cure. Four simple steps and it was an easy weekend project!” Currently available in five color finishes, the versatile pre-mixed SpreadStone real stone coating resists cracks, impact, water, abrasions and chemicals. The product rolls on easily over a primed seamless or stenciled surface. After the first coat dries, a second coat in a different color may be applied to create a unique color distinction. “The instructions are very accurate and easy to follow,” according to Handsaeme. “When applying the first accent color, it may seem to go on thick at first. However, once it blends with the second accent color it really looks great.

“Our neighbors and friends have all complimented our work. Everyone agrees that the SpreadStone finish has brought new life to our front porch!”

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