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Kitchen DIY Queen

Homeowner Michelle Caples recently earned a new title: Kitchen DIY Queen!

During her COVID-19 quarantine time, Michelle tackled several projects. First up, repainting her kitchen cabinets. After that, she said farewell to her old, blue Formica countertops. In just 2-1/2 days she transformed them with the SpreadStone® Countertop Finishing Kit. “After 16 long years I was so glad to get rid of those ugly blue countertops!” says Michelle, who lives in Kansas. “Now I have beautiful Onxy Fog real stone countertops that completely upgrade the look of my kitchen. I can see the shimmering mineral accents throughout the entire countertop!”




Getting Ready

After reading about our Daich Coatings products on Facebook, Michelle ordered her kit online. Then she watched our instructional videos.

“I actually watched the instructional video about 10 times!” says Michelle. “I also researched every blog post on the product to gain more tips. With that preparation, the actual application went quite smoothly. “On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the easiest possible DIY project, I give the SpreadStone Countertop Kit a 3. I impressed myself that I could make our countertops look so professional for such a reasonable price!”


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