Inspiration from Others

SpreadStone Countertop Refinishing Kit

Before we launch in to 2021, let’s take a final look back at 2020.

We were able to work with some wonderful people last year on a wide variety of projects. Here’s a look
back at some of our favorites. Hopefully they can serve as inspiration for your Daich Coatings projects moving
into the new year!

Adding Florida Curb Appeal

Homeowners Cynthia and Dan Capezio certainly added curb appeal to their home with our SpreadStone
Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Kit in a Cold Gold Slate color. They turned their plain concrete driveway into
a work of art … complete with decorative palm trees!

When she moved into her new Texas home, Lindsey Wiese wanted the garage floor to look as nice as the rest of the house. She used the DiaHard 100 Industrial Strength Epoxy Floor Kit to get just the look she wanted.
Using three kits, Lindsey invested just $300 in a tan coating that transformed her garage.

Garage Epoxy Coating
SpreadStone Countertop Refinishing Kit

This year’s Daich Coating’s “Kitchen DIY Queen” used SpreadStone Countertop Finishing Kits in Onyx Fog to help change the look of her kitchen. Michelle Caples got rid of her ugly blue countertops, repainted her cabinets and changed over the entire look of her kitchen!

Jack Paul created a wonderful new entrance to the basement apartment he shares with his wife in Pennsylvania. He used SpreadStone Decorative Resurfacing Kit in Cold Gold on the walls, and the Midnight
Slate on the stairs. Farewell ugly concrete and block walls … hello and inviting entryway!

RollerRock patio

Patio, pool deck and walkway … they all have new RollerRock coating on them at Judy and Bob Dulovic’s home. The Earth tone covers their previous RollerRock application from 12 years ago. Pretty good for areas of the home that get lots of foot traffic!

Creating a Safe Balcony

Balcony Shot

Like many homeowners, John and Darline McKay wanted to maximize their living space. One way they decided to do this was to replace a window in their main bedroom with a pair of full-lite French doors. This allowed them to “push out” and create a new second floor balcony overlooking a nearby golf course.

To achieve their goals, the McKays hired Carey Bros. Remodeling. Known as the hosts of On the House with the Carey Brothers radio show, brothers James and Morris tackled the project, plus expanded some living spaces in the home.


Picking the Best Products

When it came time to add the new balcony, the Carey Brothers knew exactly where to turn — to Daich Coatings.

            “We’ve successfully worked with many Daich Coatings products on previous remodeling projects,” says James Carey. “Our policy is to give our clients the best bang for their home improvement buck. So, we specify and install products that are durable, attractive and require minimal maintenance. Daich Coatings products address all of these criteria, plus provide so much more!”   

Step-by Step

Carey explains that creating the balcony flooring required three steps and three products. “We started with ElastoLock® rubber membrane coating to create a waterproof seal,” says Carey. “This included using seam mesh, a roll of reinforcing fabric and Elastolock spackle. This gives the balcony a leak-free system.


            “Once that base layer was on, we used textured bone primer and then applied SpreadRock® coating in a Sandstone color. It looks fabulous! Our clients fell in love with the color.


“Then we decided to take it a step further. So, we used the TracSafe Anti-Slip Sealer to clear coat and protect the Sandstone color. With TracSafe we have the added benefit that if the balcony gets wet, it still won’t be slippery for the McKays.”


            With the project finished, John and Darline now enjoy more light and fresh breezes into their Brentwood, California home. And, when the mood strikes them, they head out to the balcony to look at the mountains on their beautiful showroom-quality, slip-resistant surface!