Renouvellement des surfaces décoratives et protectrices


Two-Year Checkup

Lisa Warner goes “all in” with her DIY home improvement projects. Just like any person, she likes to see long-term positive results from her efforts. After several years of daily use, she’s proudest of her achievements using Daich Coatings real stone products.

“I started by redoing my outdated kitchen countertops with a SpreadStone Countertop Finishing Kit,” says Warner, a resident of Mesa, Ariz. “I transformed my basic countertops with the Volcanic Black finish. I had such great results that I used the same product and color in both my main and guest bathrooms.”

Long-Term Durability

What Warner likes best about her projects from a few years ago is how they have held up.

“My bathroom double sink and counter are all one piece,” says Warner. “Because I knew the daily use the sinks would get, I finished them with five coats of sealer. I allowed each coat to dry for 24 hours. Now it’s two years later and there has been no chipping. This product is very durable and holds up beautifully.”

Shower Transformation

To finish her bathroom rejuvenation project, Warner decided to get rid of the terra cotta colored tiles and turquoise accent tiles in her bathtub surround area. She also added a shower to the enclosure.

“I used the Natural White finish from the Daich Coatings SpreadStone kit in the shower on the majority of the wall tiles,” says Warner. “Then I came back in with the Volcanic Black to cover the teal accent tiles. This tied the entire look back to my countertops.”

Because she knew the shower area would have daily moisture exposure, she used three coats of sealer on the tiles. She’s seen no deterioration of the tiles or the real stone coating in the past two years.

DIY Success

“These were fun and easy DIY projects,” says Warner. “The end results look custom. Yet, I paid a fraction of what it would cost to replace all these surfaces.

“Every time I walk into my kitchen or bathroom, I love it more. The change is so amazing. And, knowing I did this myself is very rewarding!

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