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Veuillez noter que, bien que nous nous efforcions d’obtenir des couleurs précises, les couleurs réelles des produits peuvent varier légèrement par rapport aux échantillons présentés ci-dessus.

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Recouvrez votre béton mat et
transformez le look de votre maison en un week-end...

If you’re tired of struggling with concrete paints and other retail coatings that never last, you owe it to yourself to give RollerRock® a try on your concrete surfaces.

RollerRock® is a tough, decorative, textured concrete coating made from real stone. It’s a unique pre-mixed self-priming formula that rolls on easily to add a new surface to exterior concrete porches and steps, patios, walkways, pool decks and more. It’s also an excellent finish for garage floors. RollerRock’s high performance formula resists water, stains, impact and abrasion and stands up to all climate extremes-from sub-zero winter conditions, salting and snow shovelling, to harsh UV rays and heat.

Simplement à l’aide d’un rouleau et d’un pinceau, vous pouvez améliorer considérablement les surfaces tout autour de votre maison ou de votre entreprise avec une finition de pierre véritable qui durera ... dans l’une des quinze couleurs proposées.

From cozy little patios to large commercial surfaces, RollerRock® is proven everywhere — and it will do the job for you too. Its attractive textured finish effectively hides hairline cracks and ugly patchy looking concrete repairs and turns any drab exterior concrete into a colorful and functional slip-resistant surface.

Purchase any colour of RollerRock, and receive 1 free stone texture roller!

Caractéristiques et avantages...

Où l’utiliser

RollerRock® Project Buying Guide


RollerRock® is more than just a beautiful and weather resistant decorative coating for exterior concrete. It’s also an excellent way to resurface your garage floor, workshop and other demanding use floors.


If the concrete is new, very smooth or efflorescent (salts leaching out of the surface), etching will be required to clean out the surface pores and add surface tooth for better grab of the coating.  Otherwise this step is optional.



Apply TWO COATS of RollerRock® a few hours apart…


For interior and exterior applications, an excellent high performance urethane-enhanced sealer for bare concrete and over all Daich decorative stone coatings. Apply two coats 12 hours apart for best long-term performance.

Project Area
Daich Primer for pre-painted surface
RollerRock® – 2 coats
Daich Sealer
150 sq. ft.
1 Gallon
4 Gallons
1 Gallon
200 sq. ft.
1 Gallon
5 Gallons
1 Gallons
250 sq. ft
2 gallons
7 gallons
2 gallons
300 sq. ft.
2 Gallons
8 Gallons
2 Gallons
350 sq. ft
3 Gallons
9 Gallons
2 Gallons
400 sq. ft.
3 Gallons
10 Gallons
2 Gallons

Surface roughness/texture and application thickness can impact RollerRock® coverage. Apply RollerRock® in two uniform coats.
Purchase quantity recommendations calculated using conservative coverage rates to help ensure adequate supply…

Specifications for ROLLERROCK® Rollable Stone Coatings

  • Available Sizes: 1 and 3 Gallon
  • Coverage Area Per Gallon: (sq. ft.): 85 – 100 ft²
  • Application Method: Roller and brush
  • Base Material: Acrylic
  • Dry To Touch Time: 1 hour
  • Interior/Exterior: Interior / exterior
  • Coats Required: 2
  • Time before recoat (hours): 1 to 3 in warm dry weather (longer in damp or cool conditions)
  • Sealer Required: Yes (apply next day)
  • Sheen: Flat/Matte
  • Substrate/Surface Usage Type: Concrete
  • Clean Up: Soap and water
  • Transparency: Solid/opaque
  • Vertical/Horizontal: Vertical / Horizontal
  • Maximum Optimal Temperature: 85 F (30 C)
  • Minimum Optimal Temperature:  50 F (10 C)

RollerRock® Installation Videos​

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Votre béton extérieur nu est une cible pour les taches, les dommages causés par le sel, la pénétration de l'eau, l'usure et une éventuelle défaillance. Donnez à votre béton plus de traction, de résistance et de beauté du jour au lendemain en trois étapes simples.

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RollerRock, de Daich Coatings, est plus qu'un simple revêtement décoratif beau et résistant aux intempéries pour le béton extérieur. C'est également un excellent moyen de refaire la surface de votre sol de garage, d'atelier et d'autres sols à usage exigeant.

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Questions fréquemment posées

En quoi RollerRock® est-il différent de la peinture ?

Simply…RollerRock® IS NOT paint. It is a high performance concrete coating made of STONE. Paint is only a super-thin layer of color in a bonding resin that sticks to your concrete for a short time until it is scrubbed off under foot traffic or tires — or impacted by seasonal climate extremes. In contrast, the STONE that makes up RollerRock is a time-tested shield that comes to you direct from nature!

What is the coverage rate of RollerRock®?

RollerRock is applied in your choice of two textured finishes, each with it’s own application thickness and resulting coverage rate. The “stone texture” finish is the most commonly applied RollerRock finish with a coverage rate between 80 – 100 sq.ft. per gallon, per coat. Two coats are required for all-season durability and lasting performance.


RollerRock’s other finish is called the “tile texture” finish. It goes on a bit thicker with an average coverage rate of 60 – 70 sq.ft. per gallon. Coverage rates may vary with roughness of the surface being coated.

Quelle est la différence entre les finitions texture pierre et carrelage ?

The “stone texture” finish is applied with the “Stone Texture Roller” and is primarily used outdoors where a more rustic, anti-slip surface is required. Two coats 2 – 4 hours apart are recommended for the most durable, uniform and attractive results.


The “tile texture” finish is applied with the “Tile Texture Roller” for a smoother softer result that resembles tile. The Tile Texture finish can be applied in just one coat — or for the ultimate durable finish, in two coats to form a very tough stone layer.

RollerRock est une finition d'une beauté unique pour tout sol de garage. Nous recommandons la finition à texture de carreaux pour les sols de garage pour sa facilité de nettoyage supérieure et son apparence raffinée et solide. Il se distingue des finitions stéréotypées des sols de garage en époxy / flocons et confère une surface de pierre dure, semblable à une dalle, avec une résistance extrême aux pneus chauds. Couche de finition avec Daich DaiHard Epoxy Clear Coat pour une belle finition durable.

I've never heard of RollerRock®. Is this stuff new? How do I know it works?

RollerRock est installé sur des millions de pieds carrés de béton partout en Amérique du Nord et dans le monde. Il a une performance exceptionnelle de 15 ans, résistant aux conditions climatiques extrêmes et à l'usure quotidienne. Il est utilisé à des fins résidentielles et commerciales - et dans tous les cas, nous soutenons nos produits et gardons nos clients satisfaits.

Is RollerRock® slip-resistant?

Yes, very much so! In fact, in laboratory testing, RollerRock’s “stone texture” finish, applied as directed, delivered an anti-slip score of 0.093 — almost TWICE the OSHA recommended standard.

10 avis pour RollerRock

  1. Cindy

    Easy to work with and seems pretty hardy after 1 year.

    Wish I could insert a picture.

  2. Dennis Shore

    Did a resurface on my drive with the Roller Rock have used this before on my Courtyard and have Spread Rock on my Patio. Easy to apply and made my driveway look like it was fresh concrete. Lots of questions from the neighbors.

  3. John pummell. (client confirmé)

    I had techstone ( the predecessor to spreadstone some 30 years ago. It has lasted thirty years but it is was starting to wear. So we wanted to update it. I bought roller rock. We power washed the surface and then applied three coats. I only used 4 gallons on 250 square feet. But I was going over the same coating. I will finish it tomorrow. Great stuff.

  4. Tim Shaw

    I just applied Tracksafe this weekend and it easily withstood a severe thunderstorm. Easy to apply looks great. I had to use three coats as the old color was dark but not anymore effort!

  5. Sue (client confirmé)

    RollerRock is an awesome product, transformed our old concrete to looking brand new. Coverage we got was 52 sf on rough concrete. Dries too quickly in full sun, apply in early morning or cloudy day. Daich has superb customer service.

  6. gunslngr56 (client confirmé)

    This is an excellent product. This is the second time I have used a coating from Daich. 2 years ago I used their Terazzo to do my side patio and front walkway. It has held up great. I just redid my pool deck with Rollerrock and it came out excellent. The Ultra sealer will make it pop once you apply it. Just follow instructions, prep is everything. you won’t find this in a top 10 listing for Deck coatings but it should be ranked way up there. I used a total of 10 gallons and 2 gallons of sealer. Very economical as cost was under 400.00. Thanks for a great product.

  7. Blane Burnett (client confirmé)

    I purchased this product from their store in Canada.I was unable to find a suitable concrete product to resurface my pool so I decided to try this product.I followed the companies instructions carefully.They state it’s a weekend project, it took my wife and I two weeks of very physical labor.I power washed the pool deck first then acid etched it and power washed it again.I then prepared all of the cracks in the concrete.After taping the pool coping I placed two coats of elastomeric primer at prescribed intervals.After they dried I placed Two coats of roller rock again at prescribed intervals.Waited 24hours and placed Two coats of sealer per instructions.I had to order 50-75 percent more product to complete the project. Time will tell how it holds up, it appears to be a durable product.Spent approximately 2500.00 on materials, approx 1500 SF,shipping was fast and free, the company representative was knowledgeable and friendly.I gave it 4 stars because it required so much more product and was so labor intensive.

  8. John (client confirmé)

    I applied RollerRock to my driveway last weekend, and I am very pleased with the results. The final color is an exact match to the color chip sample Daich sent me. I power washed my driveway first, then used the cleaner/etcher, power washed it again after that, filled all my cracks, then rolled on 2 coats of RollerRock. Coverage was as predicted by Daich. Some tips if you are going to do this: First, when you think you have it all mixed up good, you are only halfway there… keep mixing! A power drill is mandatory for mixing. Although it was only 70 degrees or so when I applied it, direct sun does thicken the product pretty quickly and makes it more difficult to spread, so try to work in shade if possible, and keep the container with the excess in it out of the sun also. Be prepared to work! This does not go down like paint- it takes some effort. But the end result is worth it. My neighbors thought I had new concrete poured. Several people on my street intend to put it on their driveway as well now. My driveway is 28 years old but is mechanically sound, with just a few normal stress cracks and no visible aggregate from wear. I don’t know how the wear will be, but it seems durable and adhered very well.

  9. Charles Penfield

    Where can RollerRock be purchased?

    • daichcoatings

      RollerRock can be purchased from this website, and at major retailers in the US.


    My driveway is on a 15° grade. It had settled and cracked after 20 years so I had it dug up and replaced. The end result was less than expected. Contractor had a helper come out and just spray sealer on it from a handheld sprayer. Was not finished well and the worst part was anytime it rained it was like walking on ice. Even in the summertime. I did a lot of research and found the DAICH Roller Rock product. Called the company number twice before I purchased and got right through to a very knowledgeable and patient customer service rep. I ordered the product, followed all his advice about preparation, and applied the product as per instructions. Unbelievably happy with the results. Super traction. Beautiful finish. Neighbors are jealous. I have the safest, best looking driveway in the neighborhood. I very seldom do reviews but I found this product exceptional. It is a lot of work but that’s mainly in the prep. Well worth the money.

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