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Kit Contains
• 2.7 quarts of DaiHard Epoxy Resin (Part – A)
• 1 quart DaiHard Epoxy Hardener (Part – B)
• decorative flakes – (also adds slip resistance)
• stir stick

AVAILABLE SIZES: DaiHard MAX comes in a 3.7 Qt. combined volume kit.

Upgrade your garage floor and more with the DaiHard MAX Garage Floor Epoxy Kit

The DaiHard MAX® Industrial Strength Epoxy Floor Coating Kit adds a tough glossy high performance finish to your demanding interior concrete floors. It is a 100% solids epoxy formula that is superior to typical water-based epoxy products. DaiHard MAX® epoxy system delivers beauty and outstanding durability normally required for heavy-duty commercial and industrial floors but in an economical, convenient package that’s great for residential floors too. Use DaiHard MAX® in your garage, basement, workshop, laundry room, and much more.

This unique 2-part epoxy formula is easy to apply by roller or application squeegee. It goes on smoothly with excellent hiding power, quickly transforming the look and functionality of any area. It locks firmly into your concrete and shields it from stains, impact, hot tires, high foot traffic, chemicals and more. In commercial and industrial settings, DaiHard MAX® is great for warehouses, maintenance areas, automotive repair floors, service corridors, utility rooms, parking areas and much more. Its also a super durable water and chemical repellent coating for interior concrete block walls.

Transformez rapidement et facilement le sol de votre garage, votre sous-sol, votre buanderie, votre atelier et même les sols commerciaux ou industriels légers.

DaiHard MAX® locks firmly into your concrete and shields it from stains, impact, hot tires, continual heavy traffic, chemicals and more.

Caractéristiques et avantages

DaiHard MAX® Epoxy System - Primary Benefits

• Industrial strength performance
• Hard, impact-resistant surface
• Two pre-tinted colors
• Excellent one-coat hiding
• Salt & chemical resistance

• Up to 60 minute pot-life
• Low-odor, zero-VOC formula
• Compatible 100% solids epoxy clear top-coat available for showroom shine and added strength

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