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Veuillez noter que, bien que nous nous efforcions d’obtenir des couleurs précises, les couleurs réelles des produits peuvent varier légèrement par rapport aux échantillons présentés ci-dessus.

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La beauté du granite moucheté jumelée à la résistance de la pierre.

SpreadRock® is not speckled paint. It is an actual layer of rock that spreads on like butter and adds instant beauty and elegance to all kinds of existing concrete floor and wall surfaces as well as masonry, drywall, statuary, planters and more. SpreadRock’s real stone composition is not applied by roller. Instead, it is easily applied in a thin uniform layer using a scraper, trowel or flooring squeegee and can even be applied with a texture sprayer.

L’effet visuel du revêtement SpreadRock est intemporel et étonnant; il vous sera d’une grande utilité, peu importe où vous vivez. Le froid rigoureux de l’hiver, la chaleur accablante et le soleil de l’été ne peuvent rien contre lui, qu’il soit appliqué sur un patio, un pourtour de piscine, une véranda ou un mur. Il permet également d’obtenir un plancher de garage magnifique et incroyablement résistant, et d’ajouter des années de durabilité à toute autre surface intérieure.

Caractéristiques et avantages

Où l’utiliser

Listen to an interview with Garry Sullivan about Daich Spreadrock®

Appliquez-le à la truelle ou à la raclette facilement

SpreadRock® Project Buying Guide

SpreadRock® is a real stone coating that can deliver years of solid performance and timeless beauty to all kinds of surfaces, both indoors and out. It’s a simple THREE-STEP system that requires the following specific products and quantities for desired results…


These will stop the SpreadRock® coating from sliding on the floor during installation — and help ensure a uniform look and correct coverage. It also hides underlying patchiness and discoloration.
Pouvoir couvrant : 160 à 200 pieds carrés par gallon (peut varier selon la rugosité de la surface et l’épaisseur de l’application).
When dry, proceed to SpreadRock® application…


SpreadRock® Granite Coating Coverage: 40 – 60 sq.ft. per gallon, per coat (two coats required) depending on smoothness of surface and application thickness. Apply very thin coats for best coverage and results.


DAICH TracSafe Anti-Slip Sealer or Garage and Driveway Sealer. SpreadRock® must be sealed for final hardness, water and dirt protection. Seal with TracSafe Anti-Slip Sealer. Choose this for slip-resistance on wet interior/exterior walking surfaces. Choose Garage and Driveway Sealer to protect SpreadRock® on garage and heavier duty surfaces. 
Pouvoir couvrant : 400 pieds carrés par gallon, par couche
Seal it the next day after SpreadRock® has cured for 24 hours. Fini!
**Use only DAICH sealers. Do not substitute.

Project Area
Apprêt texturé
Scellant antidérapant TracSafe
100 sq. ft.
5 Gallons – for two coats applied
1 Gallon
1 Gallon
150 sq. ft.
8 Gallons – for two coats applied
1 Gallon
1 Gallon
200 sq. ft.
10 Gallons – for two coats applied
2 Gallons
2 Gallons
300 sq. ft.
15 Gallons – for two coats applied
2 Gallons
2 Gallons
350 sq. ft
18 Gallons – for two coats applied
3 Gallons
2 Gallons
400 sq. ft.
20 Gallons – for two coats applied
3 Gallons
2 Gallons

L'obtention de résultats optimaux et d'une couverture correcte avec SpreadRock® repose sur l'application de deux fines couches sur votre surface apprêtée. Que vous utilisiez la truelle à la main avec une truelle de piscine en métal standard - ou que vous utilisiez la truelle à raclette SpreadRock® depuis une position debout confortable - la clé est d'appuyer fermement avec l'outil de votre choix pour étendre la pierre davantage.

IMPORTANT: SpreadRock® can cover up to 60 sq.ft. PER GALLON, PER COAT. However, since SpreadRock® is an actual stone overlay and not paint, coverage can vary due to thicker application, surface roughness, pitting and other flaws that may consume more SpreadRock® as you trowel in down. That is why we always suggest ordering approximately 20 – 25% more SpreadRock® than your calculated coverage area suggests, just in case. This will help ensure adequate coverage and a quick, successful and beautiful project without delays due to inadequate supply. It can also give you additional material for any needed touch-ups later on. 

Spreadrock® Installation Videos​

Comment appliquer une finition en pierre véritable et finement granulée sur du béton, des parpaings, des briques, des cloisons sèches et plus encore en un week-end - sans casser le budget ? Vous SpreadRock il! Cette finition élégante et magnifique en PIERRE RÉELLE ressemble à du granit moucheté qui vous coûterait autrement des milliers de dollars si vous optiez pour des matériaux installés traditionnels. Au lieu de cela, SpreadRock vous permet d'installer facilement un placage de pierre léger partout où une mise à niveau durable est souhaitée - à une fraction du coût.

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Questions fréquemment posées

Is SpreadRock™ really made of Stone?

OUI, SpreadRock est un mélange de pierre multicolore granulaire très résistant que vous étalez sur la surface pour ajouter une nouvelle couche de pierre durable et attrayante qui peut durer de nombreuses années.

How many steps are involved to install SpreadRock™?

SpreadRock est un processus simple en trois étapes nécessitant une couche d'apprêt texturé DAICH (pour s'ancrer dans le béton et créer une surface de liaison optimale), suivie de deux fines couches de SpreadRock - et de scellant DAICH le jour suivant . Avec des temps de séchage intermédiaires, le système SpreadRock peut être appliqué facilement pendant un week-end pour une beauté et des performances durables.

How many square feet does SpreadRock™ cover?

SpreadRock® couvre jusqu'à 60 pieds carrés. de surface par gallon par couche. Deux couches sont nécessaires pour des résultats plus uniformes et durables. Si la surface est piquée ou très texturée – ou si le produit est appliqué plus épais que nécessaire – la zone de couverture peut être réduite.

J'ai lu des commentaires sur une faible couverture. Comment obtenir une couverture correcte ?

The answer to this question is easy. Just apply SpreadRock in two VERY THIN coats AND PRESS FIRMLY with your trowel or squeegee-trowel during application to ensure you don’t apply it too thick. Also, keep in mind that if your surface is very pitted/textured, this may gobble up some of the product as you fill indentations in the concrete surface, which will reduce your rate of coverage. To be sure that you always have enough for your application and to have a little extra in case you ever need to do a touch-up, order 20-25% more SpreadRock to overcome possible shortages.

Why does SpreadRock™ have to be sealed? What sealer do I use?

Oui, SpreadRock doit être scellé pour protéger votre nouvelle finition de la pénétration de l'eau et de la saleté, et lui donner un aspect propre. Utilisez soit le scellant DAICH Ultra Clear Coat — ou pour une résistance accrue au glissement dans des conditions humides, utilisez le scellant antidérapant DAICH TracSafe.

Appliquez le scellant uniquement après que votre application SpreadRock terminée ait durci pendant 24 heures.

How do I effectively mix SpreadRock™ in the can?

Utilisez un accessoire de mélange de perceuse pour un mélange rapide, facile et complet du revêtement de pierre SpreadRock.

Combien de temps dois-je attendre entre les couches ?

Étant donné que vous appliquerez SpreadRock très finement (pour obtenir une couverture correcte), il séchera assez rapidement. À l'extérieur, par temps chaud et sec, laissez un temps de séchage d'environ 2 à 3 heures entre les couches pour vous assurer qu'il est suffisamment ferme pour supporter votre poids lorsque vous marchez dessus pour appliquer la deuxième couche.

Can I use a roller to apply SpreadRock™?

No, SpreadRock cannot be applied with a paint roller.  SpreadRock is a thick stone paste you skim onto the surface using either a hand trowel with rounded corners (also called a “pool trowel”) or a SpreadRock Squeegee Trowel to apply from a standing position.

Comment obtenir la finition la plus uniformément colorée ?

Follow these rules during application for excellent results:

Rule#1: If you receive SpreadRock with different batch numbers, mix them together in a different container with a drill mixer before use. This will ensure that minor color shifts between batches are eliminated and not visible in your finished result.

Rule#2: Always work “wet-in-wet” with SpreadRock. Keep a water spray bottle handy (see the instruction video) to keep edges moist and encourage smooth blending.

Rule#3: Apply a smooth uniform THIN coat of SpreadRock and then leave it alone. Don’t repeatedly disturb the stones once they have been applied to the surface which can create a “textured shadow effect” in the finish that appears like lighter and darker areas.

10 avis pour SpreadRock

  1. Mike

    I used your product and it works great. I used the orange color and it lasted a long time. I want to switch to the grey color.

    Can I paint over a previous layer?
    Do I need to scrape up the old one?

    • daichcoatings

      Thanks for choosing Daich Coatings! This section is not monitored by our Customer Service team. For specific assistance and advice on product use, just contact us at [email protected] or call us at 1-866-463-2424

  2. Jason

    I went back and forth on Spreadrock or other brands. Went with Spreadrock after watching YouTube and reading reviews. I put it down well over a year ago and it looks great! I like the grip it provides around the pool, but it’s still comfortable on your bare feet. It did take 3 coats to acheive the color and coverage I wanted. I was ok with that. It was either this or tile the area which would’ve been a big expense and probably slippery. My wife also likes it… she was against it at first.

  3. Ellen McEvoy (client confirmé)

    Love the product and most importantly the customer service from Paul . I received quick reply’s and was able to assist me with all our product needs. Would highly recommend !!!!

  4. David (client confirmé)

    How can I touch up chipped or broken areas of spreadrock?

    • daichcoatings

      Thanks for using Daich products! This comment section is not monitored by our Customer Service Team. For specific assistance and advice on product use, just contact us at [email protected] or call us at 1-866-463-2424

  5. Tyler

    This is an awesome product. It looks amazing on our patio. I will be coating our front stoop and sidewalk next. When I applied it the forecast for the day was sunny with a high of 80 and a low of 60. I would recommend applying the coating early or late in the day. I did my first coat on our 300 square foot patio at 3 pm and fought the heat the whole time. It was drying so fast I couldn’t keep the edge wet enough. My second coat went on around 7pm and was much easier due to the sun going down.

  6. Mahendra Shah

    After making various phone call to many companies as to how to Refinish Pool Deck that was coated with Granite Hard Rock. I found phone number for Daich Coating and I just ordered various items need to refinish Pool Deck. Excellent customer service. Mr. Paul Boardin provided detailed steps from start to finish for this project. I am anxiously waiting to receive delivery and get going. I will write follow up review up on completion of this project.


    I just completed an outdoor entry with border and I’m very happy with Spreadrock.

  8. Paule McCartney

    What store can I go to to see samples of product?

    • daichcoatings

      Thank you for your interest in Daich products. For specific product application help and info, please contact us at 1-866-463-2424 (GO-DAICH) 9am to 5pm EST. Monday to Friday

      or at [email protected]

  9. Austin

    We applied SpreadRock to our patio area and absolutely love how it turned out. We will be ordering more to do our entire pool deck. Once we had the surface prepped, application was super simple! Definitely DIY-able.

  10. Dan


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