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Take Back Your Garage … with TracSafe System

This past summer Betsy and James Anderson went “all in” to update their two-car garage. After years of doing patchwork wall painting and stuffing items into the back of the garage, they finally got serious about the DIY project.

Their motivation? James had seen the new TracSafe Color Coat product and liked the idea that it would cover up the messy floor. Then he really liked that the TracSafe Anti-Slip Clear Coat Sealer would add traction to the surface.

The Hard Part

Garage Before close up

As anyone tackling a garage project will tell you, the hardest part is getting the clutter out of the garage.

“Our entire back patio was covered with tool and storage tubs from the garage,” says James. “We moved our racking and shelving to the driveway for the weekend. It’s amazing how much ‘stuff’ we had in the garage.”

Before tackling the floor prep, the Andersons decided to take advantage of the cleaned-out garage. They painted the walls a neutral color to match the Clay Brick color they planned to put down in the TracSafe Color Coat.

Prepping the Floor

The husband and wife team took the prep work seriously for the floor. They swept and cleaned the surface. Then they pressure washed the entire garage floor.

“After getting the stuff out of the garage, the pressure washing was actually quite soothing,” says James. “We knew we were on track for a good transformation for the space.”

Tackling the project in the summertime, meant dealing with high humidity. The team waited patiently for the space to dry completely. After that, the garage floor was ready for the first layer of TracSafe Color Coat.

Apply color coat

Fast Transformation

garage Before and after

Both Betsy and James took turns rolling on the Color Coat product. From the very first coating they said farewell to their ugly, stained concrete flooring. James says it was an immediate improvement, with the second coat adding even more of a finish to the surface.

“We were really excited to see how quickly the transformation took place,” says James. “Within a few hours the garage looked like an entirely new space.”

After allowing the Color Coat to complete dry, the Andersons next applied two coats of TracSafe Anti-Slip Clear Coat. This sealer will protect the coating and adds anti-slip traction to the flooring … important for any garage surface.

“When the project was completely dry and we started using the garage again, I immediately noticed that it’s a good surface with no slipping,” says James. “Even when wet, there’s no slipping. That’s a huge improvement over what we had previously. Now we have a garage that looks 100% better and really works for us. This is a DIY project that I think almost anyone could tackle with great results!”

Garage after
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