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SpreadStone to the Rescue on Ugly Pool Deck

When Dorothy purchased her new home earlier this year, her first impression of the pool area was bleak. With all the cracks on the pool deck, she thought the painted concrete surface looked like a giant giraffe!

Dorothy started a Google search to find a solution. After looking for six months, she finally discovered the SpreadStone™ Decorative Concrete Resurfacer Kit. The kit includes a primer, base coat, accent color, clear sealer, stone texture roller and ¼” grout line stencil tape.

“I wanted everything in one package, so there was no guessing at what supplies I would need,” says Dorothy, a resident of Trinity, Florida. “My goal was to cover the cracks and the previous owner’s choice of paint color. I wanted a classic, timeless look for the pool deck.”

DIY in 4 Days

After ordering her kit in a Summit Grey color through The Home Depot, Dorothy got ready for the transformation. She prepped the surface and prepared to say farewell to the giraffe in her pool area.

“I completed this project by myself over four days,” says Dorothy. “It’s a very easy project, just time consuming since I wanted random squares. I decided on the shape and size as I went along.

“If someone else were to do this project I’d offer them two pieces of advice. After the primer and putting down the tape for the design, go over the tape to help prevent bleeding of the next coat. I also used a damp sea sponge to touch up areas along the edges or areas that needed a bit more of an accent color.”

DIY Pride

With her new slate-like pool deck in place, Dorothy is ready for pool party entertaining.

“I’m incredibly proud of the work I did and the look I achieved,” says Dorothy. “This Daich Coatings product was exactly what I was looking for to transform my pool deck. The project turned out much better than I could have ever dreamt!”

Since the former owners of the home also left her with a zebra-styled driveway, Dorothy is investigating other Daich products for her next home DIY project. Stay tuned to see how she transforms the next part of her home with more Daich Coatings products!


  1. I used the Spreadstone on our kitchen countertops about four years ago and love these products!!!! I recently saw that there are products for floors and now I want to do my kitchen floor! All I see here is for going over concrete, however.
    Do you make a product that will work over linoleum tiles? I’d love to use it!

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