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5-Star Review for SpreadStone

Make room for a top notch review. Gail Linehan is so pleased with the results of her SpreadStone kitchen countertop project that she’s giving the product 5 stars!

“I don’t even consider myself a DIYer,” says Linehan, a resident of Syracuse, New York. “However, I was determined to change the look of my kitchen. Time and budget drove me to the Daich Coatings product, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Strong Return on Investment

Linehan and her husband had been planning a kitchen remodel for years. She was tired of the 1980s green countertops and wood kitchen cabinets. However, other projects kept becoming a priority. Finally she decided her kitchen at least needed a “glow up” to get her through another waiting period.

“Everything is functional in the kitchen, I just wanted different coloring to lighten it up,” says Linehan.

The homeowner invested $1,600 in the scaled down remodel ($125 for the SpreadStone kit in Natural White plus new faucets, cabinet hardware, microwave and green paint for her cabinets). “At this price, I can change up my kitchen with other colors to match the newest trends at any time,” exclaims Linehan. “With these wonderful changes, my house finally feels like home.”


How She Did It


Linehan learned about the SpreadStone kit by searching the Lowe’s® and The Home Depot® websites for countertop ideas. When diving deeper, she discovered she could purchase the product directly from Daich Coatings.

“I spent time on their website and called customer service,” says Linehan. “I found out I could get samples of the SpreadStone colors. That was a game changer for me. Then they told me that if I purchased directly from Daich Coatings the customer service team would be available to assist me because they’d have my order number on file. Sold!”

So the non-DIYer gathered her confidence and made the purchase. Then she started reading the reviews and written instructions. She watched the installation videos many times. She set aside an entire weekend for the countertop project and dove in.

Tips from a Novice

According to Linehan, the two best pieces of advice are: take the time with your prep work and don’t rush the process. She relates to it as an art project and encourages people to have fun.

“Just as the Daich Coatings people tell you, make sure your countertops are super clean and prepped before applying the primer,” says Linehan. “This really helps with long term adhesion.

“Spending time on prep work truly makes a difference. I used a TSP solution to clean and prep my countertops. Then I used my sander to mark up the laminate prior to applying the primer.”

Linehan used her sheet sander for finishing work. However, she really wished she had an orbital sander on hand for in between coats to smooth out the rough material. She began with a 60-grit and worked down to a 220-grit.

“It took time, but to the touch it creates a nice, smooth finish,” says Linehan. “I also used my step stool to view the countertops from above. This let me touch up spots and evenly distribute the material. SpreadStone was incredibly easy to apply, and the results are great. I wish I had found this product sooner!”


One Comment

  1. Our Kitchen countertops were one of the dark stone colors and held up very well. We changed the color of the kitchen and wanted a lighter color on the countertop (the stone was not coming off). Turned out beautiful as we expected. The only thing that we didn’t do this time, was use the roller for the stone coating. My husband said when he did it last time he thought it was more difficult and used a brush this time. You can’t tell the difference. Looks as good as the first time. You do need to take your time and prep is essential. I highly recommend this product.

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