Renouvellement des surfaces décoratives et protectrices


My Turn

For the past two years I’ve been really, really jealous. Let me explain.

In 2019 I had the unbelievable good fortune of meeting up with Peter Daich, president of Daich Coatings. Our mutual friend, James Carey, with On the House with the Carey Brothers, had introduced us.

Since that time I’ve been researching and writing all the press releases, blogs and stories about the wonderful Daich Coatings products. And, each time I saw a new project, my envy level mounted.

My Turn to Transform

This autumn it was my turn to get those great “before and after” project results that Daich Coatings products can achieve. When Terrazzo was launched earlier this year, I started thinking about my completely ugly concrete front porch … and the equally worn-out looking walkway and patio in the back of my house.

With the assistance of my handyman, Nimai Janes, those two areas are now drop-dead gorgeous. And, the neighbors are so impressed with the project that they’re ordering product. Soon we’ll be a Terrazzo neighborhood!

Taking the “Terrazzo Plunge”

What made me finally take the plunge? When I received samples of Terrazzo, I just couldn’t wait any longer. I knew the real granite resurfacer was perfect for getting rid of the cracked, old concrete surfaces. And, I was so correct.

Nimai pressure washed my surfaces one week and returned soon after to get started on my transformation project. Within days my exterior areas were completely changed.

Nimai taped up the side areas and then the first layer of Terrazzo was applied on day one. After curing, he came back on day two for the second coating of Terrazzo. On day four he returned to add Scellant antidérapant TracSafe to the entire surface. After allowing the clear sealer to dry for 24 hours he came back to remove the tape … and bask in what he had created!

Stunning Results

The Café color of the Terrazzo perfectly accents my wooded location. Friends and family are stopping by not to see me, but to look at the new granite stone surface coating.

Now I know how others feel when finishing off a Daich Coatings project. There’s a feeling of joy at improving the look of these areas … mixed in with the deep-down knowledge that my driveway no longer looks good enough next to these areas. I think there may be more Daich Coatings projects in my future.


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