Renouvellement des surfaces décoratives et protectrices

Rollerrock Front Walkway (2)

Passionate About Pavement

Plain concrete pavement represents a blank canvas to Amanda Bartley. Fortunately she discovered SpreadStone™ Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Kits to fulfill her artistic talents.

In Hardy, Va., Bartley had a busy 2020. Like many homeowners, she spent more time than usual isolated at her house looking for home improvement projects. Once she discovered Daich Coatings products, her artistic skills kicked in … and her boring concrete surfaces were transformed.

SpreadStone 1 (2)

“I’ve now covered the front porch, and all the walkways in the front of my house, the side and near our backyard patio,” says Bartley. “Once I did one project, I was hooked. I just kept ordering more supplies to do more projects!”

Covering Concrete

The product Bartley was “hooked” on is SpreadStone Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Kits from Daich Coatings. The pre-mixed, factory-tinted stone coating system locks onto concrete to create a surface with a stunning decorative appeal and outstanding performance.
The coatings dry quickly, so results are fast to see.

SpreadStone kits contain primer, base coat, accent coat, clear sealer, stone texture roller and quarter-inch grout line stencil tape. Kits come in Cold Gold Slate, Lake Rock, Midnight Slate, Summit Grey and Sun Ledge colors and are available in small kits (to cover 100 square feet) or large kits (to cover 400 square feet). Once applied, the 100% real stone coating stands up to water, snow, salt, ultraviolet rays, extreme cold and heat. Because the coating has no hot-tire pickup, it’s also ideal for driveways and garages.

Easy DIY Project

For her projects, Bartley selected the Cold Gold Slate color. She also ordered the Flagstone Stencil Kit from Daich Coatings to give even more visual texture to her newly-created surfaces.

“I priced several different options for the back patio,” says Bartley. “SpreadStone was so economical I was able to do all of my surfaces for less than what I would have paid for just the patio!”

For Bartley, the product application was easy. “On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest, I’d give this a 2,” says Bartley. “The only real challenge was the learning curve of working with the stencil. That was a bit challenging, but so worth the extra effort in the end.

“At this point I’ve covered just about all of my outdoor concrete surfaces. I may consider doing the driveway next … or moving indoors with some other kits from Daich!”

Walkway before, during and after

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