Renouvellement des surfaces décoratives et protectrices

Spreadstone Mineral Select Countertop

One Kit. One Weekend. One Happy Homeowner.

Indiana homeowner Sheri Ann Richerson was embarrassed. She hated when people would see her old Formica kitchen countertops during parties and holiday gatherings. Worse than that, Sheri Ann is an author and blogger of The Experimental Homesteader. So, her kitchen is part of her work. She cringed every time her countertops were shown during her cooking photos and videos.

All that changed in one weekend. With one kit. The SpreadStone Countertop Finishing Kit.

Rolling on Real Stone


The teeny-tiny kitchen in Sheri Ann’s 87-year-old home is actually a hallway. The stove goes across the room and the refrigerator sits in the dining room. The old countertops had gaps. Although she and her husband dreamed of a new kitchen, the budget just wasn’t there.

“We found out there’s no need to replace the countertops when you can refinish them at a fraction of the cost with the Daich Coatings kit,” says Sheri Ann. “This kit costs just $125 on the company’s web site. It’s super easy to do and it’s actually a ‘greener’ alternative!

“Our biggest surprise was how easy it was. The directions were very straight forward. It’s a simple step-by-step process. And the transformation results are just incredible!”

“Wow Factor” in a Weekend!

Sheri Ann and her husband chose the Volcanic Black surface. Over a weekend they prepped, sanded and applied the coats included in the kit.

“I really wanted that ‘wow factor’ on my countertops and now I have it!” says Sheri Ann. “We are so pleased with the Daich Coatings product that we’re going to look into their other products when we redo our basement floor this year.”

Before tackling the basement project, the Richersons will finish up their kitchen remodel. They’ve replaced a stainless steel sink with a copper one. They’re adding lighting in the kitchen plus paneling to the walls. The cabinets are getting redesigned and painted. And, the wood floors are getting resealed. The 1935 kitchen will soon be a 2022 eye-catching attraction in the homestead … and Sheri Ann will no longer be embarrassed!


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