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No-Slip Patio Helps Arizonians Keep Cool

Happy one year anniversary to Mike Sheahan! That’s how long he’s been enjoying TracSafe Anti-Slip Sealer on his patio.

A resident of Glendale, Arizona, Sheahan knows what it’s like to live in a hot area. He applied the TracSafe to his covered patio last August … when the temperature was 95 as a morning low! During the past year he reports that the product not only has worked well, but it’s actually cooler to the touch than his pool deck.

Since his family almost lives in their pool, Sheahan wants to make sure they are protected when coming out dripping wet and proceed to the patio area.

“The tiles on our patio definitely get slippery when wet,” says Sheahan. “The traction of TracSafe has just enough slip resistancy to help prevent accidents from slipping.”

As advised, Sheahan used two coats of TracSafe on his patio to get complete coverage. Before applying TracSafe, he decided to hand-sand the entire area with 40-grit to remove any “pointy grains” existing on the surface.

“The finished TracSafe product is awesome,” says Sheahan. “It’s actually cooler on the feet than the existing pool decking. We’ve received many, many comments on the quality and appearance of the TracSafe finish. This project has inspired me to get the cracks fixed on our pool deck. I want to recoat and reseal it with TracSafe!”

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