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New How-To Video Shows Blow Dryer Used to Create Marble Dream® Swirl Effect

The only “tool” needed to gain a soft, swirling marble surface with the Marble Dream® Resurfacing Kit is a blow dryer. The easy DIY project relies on heat and air movement to produce one-of-a-kind flowing marble surfaces on countertops, tables and furniture in just one weekend.

“This is the easiest project we’ve ever introduced,” says Peter Daich, president of Daich Coatings. “You control the entire look of your new marble surface by adding accent colors in specific areas. Then you use the blow dryer to gently move the colors across the surface to create a blended, swirling effect. The ingredients and heat react with each other to create an authentic-looking marble coating. And it does all of that while completely free of hazardous epoxy chemicals.”

Visual Guidance

A new video showcasing both the Soft Definition Marble Dream Swirl Effect and the High Definition Marble Dream Swirl Effect is now available online. The two different effects are based on the color contrasts used in the finish that impacts the final look.

“With the air flow from the blow dryer you decide how much of the colors to blend together,” says Daich. “You can also see the strength of the colors as they blend and interact. Each surface is entirely different and you help control the level of intensity of the final appearance.”

Those Marble Dream Kit users who do not wish to have a soft, swirling effect can choose not to use a blow dryer. They will then get more distinctive veined marble finishes on their surface.

Marble Dream surfaces resist stains, heat and impact. Application of the product is low odor and low VOCs. Sinks, plumbing fixtures and countertops do not need to be removed before applying this product to laminates, concrete, plywood, MDF, stone, pre-coated and solid surfaces. The final Marble Dream surface is kept food safe and intact with a polyurethane clear coat.

Easy Dreaming Kits

Available in both Pristine White and Cosmos Black, Marble Dream Kits cover 40 square feet of space. Kits, which include all tools needed for the project except the blow dryer, sell for $169. No skills or talent is required for the DIY project that takes just two days from start to finish.

“There’s surprisingly little work involved in this project,” according Daich. “Most of the time you’re waiting for an application to dry and cure so you can move on to the next step!

Additional Countertop Kit Choices

If you’re seeking additional countertop options, Daich Coatings also offers two other kits. The original SpreadStone™ Mineral Select™ Countertop Kit offers a textured granite finish on surfaces in 11 colors. The kit sells for $145 and covers 40 square feet of space. The company’s LuxROCK™ Solid Surface Granite Countertop Kit comes in a 40 square feet kit ($299) and a 20 square feet kit ($179). With the LuxROCK kit DIYers can create smooth granite surfaces in five different finishes.

All Daich Coating kits are available with free shipping at Lowe’s and The Home Depot also distribute the majority of the company’s products online.

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