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Bye-Bye Pink – Hello Daich Coatings Addicts!

Some people are addicted to DIY projects and saving money. That’s John and Marianne Washco. As a result, they’ve become complete Daich Coatings addicts!


Kitchen before

When the Ohio couple moved into their home, they “inherited” a late 50s/early 60s interior —- complete with an entirely PINK interior. The kitchen was the first area of the house they attacked with their DIY talents. They sanded and restained cabinets, repainted, added a Pergo floor, and then added stone tile on one wall and under the counter.

Then they got serious about the replacing the pink countertop and backsplash. That’s when Daich Coatings products came into play.

“We priced granite and quartz for the job,” says John Washco. “The countertop estimate was between $4,000 and $5,000. Then we found out about the SpreadStone countertop kit. Honestly we figured we’d try it, and if it didn’t work, we’d bite the bullet and buy the granite. No way. We absolutely loved the SpreadStone results in the Sundance color and have no reason to go the granite route.”

Tips for Success

Before using the SpreadStone kit on the pink Formica, the Washcos started with prep work. Repair had to happen in several spots with epoxy. Plus the countertop around the kitchen sink had to be glued down with Liquid Nails and weighed down with cinder blocks to set up.

“Once you’ve made the initial repairs, this is a very easy project,” says Washco. “Just be patient and follow the directions.”

From their experience, the couple recommends using an orbital sander if you have one available. And, don’t take down the colored epoxy too fast or you’ll run the risk of removing too much of the new epoxy color.

“You’ll get to a point where you’re going, ‘I really like that, what do you think, honey?’” says Washco. “When you get there you’ll see that this is actually a work of art you’ve done yourself. It’s very unique to you, your personal taste, and to your home.”

“It’s been several years now and there isn’t a ding, crack, peeling or discoloration on the counters or island,” says Brown. “The SpreadStone Countertop Kit really worked perfectly.”

John Washco - Kitchen after

Working on Wall Tiles

Kitchen during

To cover the pink wall tiles in the kitchen, the Washcos turned to the SpreadStone Wall Tile Refinishing Kit. They selected an Umber Gold color to accent the new countertop.

“Again, you want to take your time and be patient with this project,” coaches Washco. “Start by making sure all the tiles are secured to the wall and the grout has been repaired.”

From his experience Washco discovered the base coat was easy to apply. He found the Stone Highlight and Accent Coats a bit trickier. “Don’t push too hard while rolling them on, or you’ll completely cover the base coat, like I did,” says Washco. “Then you have to start again.

“One thing I did was keep a piece of cardboard close by. After I rolled the roller in the tray, I rolled it one time very lightly over the cardboard to remove excess material. This seemed to help a lot. It kept me from putting too much material on with my initial swipe.

“I also suggest practicing a bit before applying the highlight over the base coat. Try to develop the feel to make each swipe consistent and come up with a pattern or technique you like.”

Farewell Pink Bathroom

With the kitchen transformed, the couple next tackled the oh-so-pink master bathroom. With the practices learned in the kitchen, they applied the SpreadStone Wall Tile Refinishing Kit in Alabaster to complement the new neutral colored room.

“The bathroom was also a complete redo,” says Wascho. “After the great outcome in the kitchen, we picked a color we liked and redid the tiles in the shower stall and on the walls. We saved more than $10,000 by doing this DIY project.

“Overall, we really have a sense of pride in knowing we were able to make something beautiful that was once so shabby and outdated. We brought the kitchen and bathroom back to life with Daich Coatings products. At the same time, we saved a ton of money we were able to redirect to other projects in the house!”

BR Wall Before
BR Wall After

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