Kit de plancher de garage en époxy de force industrielle


Kit Contains – Epoxy Resin (Part A), Epoxy Resin (Part B), Concrete Cleaning Crystals, Decorative Broadcast Flakes, Stir Stick

156.19 CA$ Free Shipping (up to 600 lbs).

Ultra-durable 100% solids epoxy flooring.

Upgrade your garage floor and more with the DaiHard Garage Floor Epoxy Kit

The DaiHard® Garage Floor Epoxy Kit is an effective new way to add visual appeal and excellent durability to all kinds of demanding interior concrete floor surfaces.

Quickly and easily transform your garage floor, basement floor, laundry area, workshop — and even commercial or light industrial floor surfaces.

DaiHard® locks firmly into your concrete and shields it from stains, impact, hot tires, continual heavy traffic, chemicals and more.

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Où l’utiliser

A beautiful garage in 2 easy steps.

Mix parts A and B thoroughly then apply one coat

Allow to dry and cure for 24 hours.

Add decorative flecks as desired

Optional Clear Coat

Apply DaiHard 100 Clear Epoxy for a showroom finish

This kit covers up to 250 sqft.

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2 avis pour Industrial Strength Epoxy Garage Floor Kit

  1. Edwin Nam (client confirmé)

    Do not be fooled by the price and products sold at some of the biggest home improvement stores. You want a 100% solids epoxy for long lasting quality but it can’t be stressed enough to prep your floor properly, proper cleaning/prepping is absolutely necessary. I primed my floor before laying down the epoxy and believed that prevented the floor from soaking up all the epoxy. Depending on the concentration of the decorative flakes, you may want to consider adding a non slip top coat. I love the premium look the coating gives my garage floor. Simple mop and dry and its new again.

  2. Brandon (client confirmé)

    Know your floor or make sure to buy extra; my floor is older but still relatively smooth; however when I opened the pores in the concrete, she was very thirsty. I have to go over again but I know it will look great when it’s done. The product is rock solid and the few spots that didn’t suck it all the way down from the surface have a wonderful high gloss shine. Maybe prime it if you don’t want to buy 2 coats worth, but I can see 2 coats looking awesome for years to come.

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