Kit Contains – Base Coat, Stone Coat, Clear Coat, Roller Handle, Rollers, Paint Brush and Mini Roller Tray.

Countertop Clear Coat

Resurface your wall tile with real stone.

The SpreadStone Countertop Kit offers shimmering mineral accents and color highlights found in natural mined rock that Rolls right On. Never before has it been this easy or economical to add the functionality and visual appeal of real premium stone to all kinds of surfaces, without the need for careful artistic skill.

The new SpreadStone Mineral Select™ Countertop Finishing Kit is a fast and easy process accomplished in three fast and simple roller applications. This means that in just one weekend, you can take existing laminate, MDF, plywood, particle board, concrete, tile countertop and table surfaces — and turn them all into durable, stain resistant surfaces with the design elegance of real stone.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent Long Term Durability
  • Stain Resistant
  • Heat Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • U/V Brittle Resistant
  • Salt Damage Resistant
  • Chemical Damage Resistant
  • Impact & Abrasion Resistant
  • Resists Hot Tire Pickup
  • Freeze & Thaw Protection
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant

Where to Use

  • Interior Kitchen Counters, Bathroom Counters, Bar Tops, Kitchen Tables, Coffee Tables

Real Stone

Our products are 100% real stone coatings.


Place your hot pans
directly on it!


Keeps its finish no matter
what you throw at it.


Stay dry,
stay safe.

Extreme Cold Resistant

Built Alaska


It's so easy it only takes a weekend!​

Roll it on in easy steps.

Step 1

Roll on a coat of
Base Coat

Let dry for 1-2 hours.

Step 2

Roll on two coats of
Stone Coating

Let dry for 1-2 hours.

Step 3

Roll on two coats of
Clear Coat

Let dry for 24 hours.

This kit covers up to

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Installation Video

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Frequently Asked Questions

The differences lie in their finished appearance and coverage as follows:

The Mineral Select Kit is made with a modified blend of stone and mineral ingredients that goes on slightly thicker for optimized visual appeal with natural mineral accents. Coverage rates for the Mineral Select kit run between 30 and 35 sq.ft. To be safe, when planning for your project, base your ordering on 30 sq.ft. to ensure you have enough.

The original SpreadStone Countertop Kit is made with an alternate stone blend that delivers a soft, multi-colored decorative speckled finish. While this kit does not include the mineral mix found in the Mineral Select kit, it provides higher coverage at 50 sq.ft.

Both products offer the same level of performance and ease of application.

The kit comes with all required coatings and application tools.

Not at all. The entire SpreadStone™ system is practically odorless and safe to use.

After clear coat application, wait until the following day to resume use.

Yes, just employ the same techniques.

You have complete control. Leave your countertop softly textured or perfectly smooth. It's completely up to you.

It's not an epoxy product, so there's never any waste. Just close the can and save it for later. Use it on a table, vanity, bartop or other surface.

You want the grout lines to be filled so that they are flush with the rest of the surface before applying your new countertop finish. Use more grout, thinset mortar or other suitable filler and let it cure fully before proceeding. Next, cover the entire surface with a thin coat of Daich ElastoLock® (one quart is usually more than enough), which will effectively adhere to the tile and create a uniform bonding surface. Let it dry until the following day, at which time you can proceed as directed with the countertop finish of your choice.

Yes! Scratch up the surface with steel wool and then wash it thoroughly. When it is dry, cover the entire surface with a thin coat of Daich ElastoLock®, which will effectively adhere to the surface and create an optimal bonding surface. Let it dry until the following day, at which time you can proceed as directed with the countertop finish of your choice.

Yes, wood surfaces like tables and furniture and also newly constructed surfaces are finished with the SpreadStone Countertop Kits all the time. Specific woods would include clean and dry plywood, MDF, particle board, pine, and various hardwoods. Certain woods which may be subject to color bleed should be pre-coated with a stain-blocking primer. Otherwise, the surface should be free of coatings or, if coated, free of any peeling and weakness. All surfaces should be lightly scuffed and wiped clean prior to application of a thin coat of Daich ElastoLock®. Let it dry until the following day, at which time you can proceed as directed with the countertop finish of your choice.

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