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Cover your dull concrete and transform the look of your home in a day.

If you’re tired of struggling with concrete paints and other retail coatings that never last, you owe it to yourself to give RollerRock® a try. RollerRock is a tough stone coating that’s been successfully installed on millions of feet of exterior concrete in all extreme climates for years.

Using just a roller and brush, you can dramatically improve surfaces all around your home or business with a real stone finish that lasts … in your choice of fifteen colors.

From cozy little patios to large commercial surfaces, RollerRock is proven everywhere — and it will do the job for you too.

Features & Benefits

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U/V & Heat

For even the toughest

Real Stone

Our products are 100% real stone coatings.

Extreme Cold Resistant

Built Alaska


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comes first.


Industrial strength


Stay dry,
stay safe.

Roll it on in 2 easy steps.

Step 1

Roll on two coats of RollerRock

Let dry for 1-2 hours between coats.

Step 2

Seal with Hi-Build Ultra or TracSafe

Let dry for 24 hours.

Hi-Build Ultra

Tracsafe Anti-Slip Sealer


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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply...RollerRock IS NOT paint. It is a high performance concrete coating made of STONE. Paint is only a super-thin layer of color in a bonding resin that sticks to your concrete for a short time until it is scrubbed off under foot traffic or tires — or impacted by seasonal climate extremes. In contrast, the STONE that makes up RollerRock is a time-tested shield that comes to you direct from nature!

RollerRock is applied in your choice of two textured finishes, each with it's own application thickness and resulting coverage rate. The "stone texture" finish is the most commonly applied RollerRock finish with a coverage rate between 80 - 100 sq.ft. per gallon, per coat. Two coats are required for all-season durability and lasting performance.


RollerRock's other finish is called the "tile texture" finish. It goes on a bit thicker with an average coverage rate of 60 - 70 sq.ft. per gallon. Coverage rates may vary with roughness of the surface being coated.

The "stone texture" finish is applied with the "Stone Texture Roller" and is primarily used outdoors where a more rustic, anti-slip surface is required. Two coats 2 - 4 hours apart are recommended for the most durable, uniform and attractive results.


The "tile texture" finish is applied with the "Tile Texture Roller" for a smoother softer result that resembles tile. The Tile Texture finish can be applied in just one coat — or for the ultimate durable finish, in two coats to form a very tough stone layer.

RollerRock is a uniquely beautiful finish for any garage floor. We recommend the tile texture finish for garage floors for its superior cleanability and refined, solid appearance. It stands far apart from stereotypical epoxy / flake garage floor finishes and imparts a tough, slab-like stone surface with extreme resistance to hot tires. Top-coat with Daich DaiHard Epoxy Clear Coat for a beautiful, lasting finish.

RollerRock is installed on millions of square feet of concrete throughout North America and around the world. It has an outstanding 15 year performance track record, standing up to extreme climate conditions and daily wear and tear. It is used residentially and commercially — and in all cases, we stand behind our products and keep our customers satisfied.

Yes, very much so! In fact, in laboratory testing, RollerRock's "stone texture" finish, applied as directed, delivered an anti-slip score of 0.093 — almost TWICE the OSHA recommended standard.

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