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I started with the garage – then did the pool deck and then kept expanding the project.

This year I plan to do most if not all of the driveway.  

It’s been the best project and the easiest thing I’ve even done – it’s a cinch for anyone to do.

Friends who have seen what I did can’t believe I actually did it. 

Chuck H. 

I finally finished my ‘took too long to complete’ Spreadstone projects. You were both very helpful so I thought I’d share before and after pictures with you. My wife and I fixed up our daughters 1600 sq ft basement into an apartment so we could live with them. It had ugly concrete and block walls heading down from the outside entrance. I skim coated and waterproofed the cinder block then used Spreadstone Cold Gold on the walls and Midnight Slate on the stairs. Above the door was white painted wood. I used Spreadstone there too and used just the gray base to create a fake Keystone with c. 2018, the year we moved in and an old horseshoe I found in the woods at our old house. 

The board on the wall is a 10 ft x 1 ft reclaimed barn board that we found at an architectural salvage  shop. We fell in love with it because of all the woodpecker holes. I put a string of small Edison bulbs behind it to cast a nice warm glow and make the holes light up. 

In another project, I used Spreadstone  to add a nice touch to the walls of our corner wine storage closet, insulated to maintain temps in the 50’s year round.

Both projects turned out great!

Thanks again for your help!!

I redid my counter tops using the counter top kit in natural white. I’m loving the results. And I have gotten so many compliments! 

Alisia E.

Done.  😊 


Christy D.

Thanks for sending the Trac Safe.  I completed installing it last weekend and it works great.  We really like the look of your product! 

Craig M.

I wanted to the thank you for the customer service and guidance you gave me. 

Wasn’t sure this was the right product for my experiment but worked perfectly. The Gunite sparkles in the sun, tried to capture it for those folks that may want to try your products on walls. 

Have a good week.


Just wanted to let you guys know how COMPLETELY satisfied we are with your Spreadstone product. We live in a modular home & have wanted to do away with our old ugly outdated counters for years now without the expense of replacing them just yet. I decided that since I was going to remove the sink to do it I would put in a new one, then one thing led to another! It’s all your fault.

    We are redoing the WHOLE kitchen. New fridge, flooring, backsplash, stove & lighting. Here are some amazing photos so far. I removed the ceramic tile front edge and installed white oak so I would have a hard front edge for chip protection. We’re not finished yet.