These days many people follow their favorite bloggers online regularly. We want to know what they’re wearing, where they’re going and what projects they’re tackling.

We’ve been following some of our favorite influencers too … especially as they reported on working with our Daich Coatings products!

Click the links below and you’ll find insights and reviews from bloggers who recently used our products. They offer honest feedback, tips, and thoughts that can provide you with more creative ideas for doing special Daich Coatings projects in your own home!

Rita Reviews

 – Rita Slayton-Hernandez went outdoors for her DIY project. She used our Roller Rock product in the Lava Rock color to bring new life to her dreary outdoor patio surface.

The House That Never Sleeps

 – Christa Ellis takes you step-by-step through a kitchen countertop refinishing project. InsomnoMom selected the Natural White color for her SpreadStone Mineral Select Countertop Refinishing Kit.

Southern Hospitality

 – Rhoda Vickers also went outdoors to enhance her outdoor patio. She selected SpreadStone in Lake Rock to truly transform her under-deck space.

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