New Stone Countertops: “Don’t Over Think It”

Early in 2020, Amanda Johnson decided to take charge of her kitchen and bathroom laminate countertops. The DIYer from Idaho invested in real stone countertop kits from Daich Coatings and got to work transforming the two most used rooms of her home.

One Year Later

“It’s been a year since we completed our counters with the SpreadStone™ Countertop Finishing Kits in Natural White,” says Johnson. “We’ve spilled everything on them from coffee to spaghetti sauce. They still look like they did the day they were completed!

“We treat and clean our countertops the same as we did before painting the laminate. I use a steam cleaner mop with a handheld attachment on them biweekly. They get cleaned with Lysol® wipes weekly. If there’s a mess, we use Dawn® dish soap on non abrasive pads. The countertops have held up perfectly for the past year. It’s so hard to believe these are painted countertops.”

One Year Earlier

When Johnson started her project, she was looking for a way to cover up the wood front edge on her countertops. The bathroom counters were old white with finished oak edges. Her kitchen had darker green laminate countertops with the front edge ripped off, so unfinished wood was exposed.

In search of a different, brighter color for the countertops — and to hide the wood fronts on all of them — Johnson decided to try her hand at real stone coatings.

“This was a weekend job with big payback,” says Johnson. “I had a little help with sanding the original countertops from my husband, but I easily did the rest of the project myself.

“The fun part is that, while we used the same Natural White color in both rooms, they look different due to the lighting. The color looks darker in the bathroom than in the kitchen. We’ve made this work and everyone thinks they’re two different colors!”

Tips for Success

According to Johnson, her biggest tip to share when tackling this DIY countertop makeover project is “don’t over think it.”

“The project is pretty easy overall,” says Johnson. “The hardest part was sanding. I was overdoing it until I called Daich Coatings. They were great at giving support and advice.”

Johnson adds that it was helpful for her to buy rollers locally for the topcoat. She also recommends removing sinks if possible. She was able to shim up her kitchen sink so it could still be used during the application process.

“Make sure to sand the stone paint after it dries, but before it cures,” says Johnson. “Sanding before curing took much less time and work. Overall, this is a pretty easy project with terrific results.”

Next up for Johnson? She plans to add TracSafe® Anti-Slip sealer to her garage stairs and outdoor stairs. Her garage floors and bathroom floors are calling out for attention also, so she’ll be tackling more Daich Coatings projects in the future.

Real Roll-On Stone Coatings

SpreadStone is a dynamic multi-colored decorative stone finish that provides shimmering mineral accents and color highlights found in natural mined rock. The coating system has outstanding resistance to hot pans, stains, abrasion, impact and household cleaners, making it ideal for the general wear and tear common with busy kitchens and other areas of the home.

The proprietary stone technology used in the SpreadStone kit allows homeowners to make easy — and cost effective — upgrades to surfaces like bar tops, tables, vanities and countertops. The kit comes in 10 decorative colors and sells for about $125 online. Each kit covers up to 40 square feet of surfaces space.

Application of the product can be done in three simple steps — a stone base coat, a
decorative stone coat and a stone clear top coat. The coatings create a lasting and elegant new upgrade for any room. The finishes are essentially odorless and come pre-mixed and ready to apply immediately, with no harsh chemicals.

New Terrazzo Colors and Formula!

Real stone coatings have never looked this good. Daich Coatings has revitalized its Terrazzo™ line of stone coatings for concrete, masonry, linoleum, vinyl and tile surfaces. The new formula offers a heavier stone filling for higher durability. The decorative granite resurfacer comes in six pre-mixed colors, including Silverado, Pearl Grey, Moonscape, Café, Glacier and Tangiers.

“The new Terrazzo has a very realistic and attractive appearance,” says Peter Daich, president of Daich Coatings. “We’ve taken a truly good product and made it better. By using a finer grade of stone we’ve created a superior coating.”

Indoor/Outdoor Surface

Self-priming Terrazzo can be applied in both indoor and outdoor settings. While ideal for a basement or garage floor, the product also does extremely well when subjected to the elements. That’s why all-weather Terrazzo can be applied to walkways, porches, pool decks and patios.

Tested for water, salt, chemical, impact and abrasion resistance, Terrazzo is long-lasting in any environment. The real stone coating also resists hot tire pick up, plus mold and mildew. Terrazzo is U/V brittle resistant and beautifully handles freeze and thaw conditions.


Rolling on Performance

“Terrazzo offers the beauty of real granite, but you just roll it on!” says Daich. “This product covers and hides hairline cracks and minor flaws in existing surfaces. It completely resurfaces the existing floor or concrete surface with a flexible, water-tight and easy-to-clean finish.”

Made with real stone, a gallon of Terrazzo covers up to 60 square feet of surface space. Two coats are recommended (a few hours apart) for a beautiful granite finish.

Adding a No-Slip Sealer

“Terrazzo is naturally slip resistant,” says Daich. “However, for the highest slip resistance possible, we recommend applying TracSafe® Anti-Slip Sealer. With anti-slip ratings up to twice the OSHA standard, TracSafe provides aggressive anti-slip performance with all-weather durability.”

TracSafe Anti-Slip Sealer is applied by rolling down two coats of the product a few hours apart using a 3/8” paint roller. Light foot traffic can be resumed in four to six hours (or when fully dry), with normal foot traffic allowed the following day after a 24-hour cure period.

TracSafe’s anti-slip coating technology lays down a uniform foot traction surface that exhibits effective slip resistance properties in both wet and dry conditions, with bare feet and various common pedestrian and work footwear.

TracSafe is a low VOC pre-mixed formula that features fast dry-time and easy water clean-up. Once applied, TracSafe provides all-season exterior durability and reliable long-term slip-resistance indoors and out.

Terrazzo and TracSafe, along with other Daich Coatings primers and decorative concrete products, are available online at Lowe’s® or  here