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Hover your mouse over the available Tassoglas® styles below (each shown in a sample color).
...then add any color.
Tassoglas® is then painted in your desired color after it is installed onto your walls. Use WallRock® — or any other paint brand.

G45 G100N G109N G111N G112N G113N G114N G115N G116N G117N G118N G119N G120N G125N G135N G135NT G135V G140N G142N G165N G180N G210N G211N G212N G213N G214N G217N G219N G220N G224N G230 G231 G232 G233 G234 G235 G236 G237 G238 G239
Each pattern is made from specially woven fiberglass yarn — one of the worlds strongest inert materials.
G430N G440N G480N G490N G500N G510N SN50 SN130
About the glass textile patterns you see...
Tassoglas® wallcoverings are
non-toxic, non-flammable, allergy safe and made entirely of natural materials.
Tassoglas-finished walls are seamless, breathable surfaces that span cracks and reinforce the wall.