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Tassoglas is particularly well suited to high-traffic settings where superior durability and attractive interior design accents are desired.

From hospitality, high-occupancy residential and retail ... to office, institutional and government, Tassoglas® will make a statement, while protecting your walls beneath it's fashionably textured skin.

And since it is NOT vinyl wallcovering, you aren't locked into the same old color and appearance for years. You can update any room as easily as rolling on a new coat of paint.
From the look and feel of herringbone tapestry to softer textures with a random, natural effect, Tassoglas glass textile wallcoverings deliver design brilliance with key technical advantages not available with other wallcoverings.
Tassoglas is easy ...
Just apply Tassoglas like any other wallcovering, roll on two coats of quality paint in your desired color — and the job is done!
Key Performance Features:
• Fire retardant
• Tough - will not tear, withstands impact
• Breathable - does not trap moisture
• Damp and mold resistant
• Easy to clean
• Reinforces the wall
• Covers cracks and wall flaws
• No vinyl odor
• No off-gassing
• Repaint whenever you wish
• Tougher than other wallcoverings
• Non-toxic, allergy resistant
• Made of natural materials
Paint with WallRock for durability no vinyl wallcovering can match...

(ASTM D-2486)
2500 scrub resistance
The Louvre Museum, Paris, France
The Burj Hotel, Dubai
The Great Wall Hotel Sheraton, Beijing
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Install Tassoglas® with HD-2700 wallcovering adhesive. Its a low VOC, low odor, clear-dry formula with excellent bond strength.