Tassoglas is an ideal wall finish for hospitality settings.

Along with excellent high-traffic durability and a seamless finish, its elegant textured appearance can be finished in any color.

When a change to the look of dining areas, hotel suites or corridors finished with Tassoglas is desired, this is achieved quickly and at minimal cost simply by repainting the surface.

The breathable nature of Tassoglas-finished walls also guards against mold growth and helps keep air fresher and free of odors.

Tassoglas® is a tough, stain resistant finish for walls, columns and other vertical surfaces in retail and other public environments.

Its glass textile backbone is pliable and easy to apply to many irregular surfaces.

As well, it's non-flammable nature delivers excellent fire retardant properties to treated walls — a key safety advantage in the event that a fire emergency were to occur.

The durability of Tassoglas also means that it stands up well to abusive behavior in public settings.
Walls in busy offices, public buildings and institutions are subject to daily punishment through continual abrasion and impact.

Tassoglas is a simple and effective way to add a stylish, and highly durable finish to your most demanding wall surfaces.

It reinforces and protects your walls — and preserves the visual appeal of any building interior.

For even greater durability, Tassoglas can be painted with WallRock for a painted wall up to ten times tougher than achievable with other interior paints.