Fill in holes and irregularities. Remove all plastic or metal plugs before filling screw holes with suitable filler.
Tassoglas ... made for easy installation.

Tassoglas is the lightest glass textile in the market, which makes it the easiest to install. This is evident in difficult areas, such as around pillars, corners and edges.

Tassoglas is pliable and can take rough handling, whether wet or dry. It is easy to smooth out folds and air bubbles without disrupting the weave. You can even remove Tassoglas from the wall and re-hang it, if necessary.

The weave holds together when being trimmed, and joints are invisible after painting. Since Tassoglas is so easy to apply, you save time and money.
Smooth irregularities with sandpaper, starting with rough sandpaper then to finer paper for final smoothing.
Cut the lengths. Measure the height of the substrate and add 10 cm to every length.
Apply adhesive to the wall. Follow glue manufacturer's recommendations for use.
Apply product along ceiling edge with approximately 3" overlap at the ceiling angle and press down.
Hang edge to edge. The product has trimmed edges and shall be hung without space or overlap.
Press down the surface using a stiff plastic spatula or steel putty knife with rounded corners.
Trim at floor and ceiling. Ensure the product is pressed down well before cutting off the excess.
Paint the surface after the product has dried for 12 hours. Apply two coats of quality paint.