While most concrete surfaces only need to be washed prior to coating, there are some cases where repairs may be necessary before proceeding.

If this applies to your particular surface, a little time spent now will make a big difference in the final appearance and long term performance of your newly finished porch, steps, patio, etc.

Cracked Concrete
1) Hairline cracks usually do not require patching and can be coated normally when the decorative finish is applied.
2) Minor cracks can be filled with ElastoLock® Flexible Rubber Spackle or a generous brush-applied coat of ElastoLock®.
3) Larger cracks will need to be filled with a suitable crack repair mortar. If the slab is still moving, the crack may reappear later on.

Heavily Pitted Concrete, Holes, etc.
Extensive surface pitting and unsightly large holes could transmit through your final finish. For ideal results, they should be skimmed smooth or filled with an adequate cement-based filler and allowed to cure fully before top-coating.
The cracks and holes were patched in the staircase above and the repairs were then protected beneath a DAICH stone coating to make the whole surface look brand new.
If there are holes or cracks, now is the time to patch them up — and then make them disappear beneath your new stone finish.
Fix structural issues before you coat...
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