Just a few minutes of this easy process is all it takes...

For reliably coating your concrete, etching will:

✔ add bonding profile to very smooth concrete (like           garage floors)
✔ open concrete pores for better penetration
✔ remove surface residues in new concrete
✔ remove efflorescence (a mineral salt that rises to the     surface) and blocks adhesion.

Think of the difference between coating a smooth pane of glass and a piece of 150 grit sandpaper...

Which do you think a coating will stick to best?
Is etching your concrete necessary?
If your concrete is new, very smooth, efflorescent — or all of the above — etching is recommended.
Just pour Daich Cleaner/Etcher onto wet concrete, scrub lightly and move the solution around with a stiff deck brush – and let it fizz for a few minutes.

After etching, thoroughly rinse away any residues. If the project is outdoors, follow with a good pressure wash for easiest, ultra-effective cleaning.
Etching concrete has traditionally been performed using “muriatic acid”, hence the term “acid etching.”

A safe and easy alternative you can use instead of traditional acid etching is "Daich Concrete Cleaner/Etcher." It's a simple all-in-one formula that lets you etch and clean your concrete at the same time.

Do you have a question about cleaning a particular surface? We're here to help.
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