Clean your concrete for lasting benefits.

Any dirt, flaking old paint, grease, green mold or other matter attached to the concrete surface is a physical barrier that can block adhesion of your stone coating.

Cleaning is the single most important step you can perform to protect your investment. Using the right tools, it's also very easy.


This is absolutely the most effective cleaning tool there is. Use at least 1700 p.s.i. with a “turbo nozzle” or “orbital tip” a few inches from the ground -- in a SLOW SWEEPING MANNER. Avoid waving the washer back and forth quickly like a leaf blower – which will eliminate ALL pressure washing benefits.
The coating has to grab
and penetrate for success
That means a good wash to remove the dirt to allow your DAICH coating to anchor firmly into the concrete.
Pressure washing doesn’t just clean the surface. It blasts out the pores to allow the coating to penetrate.
Use Daich Concrete Cleaner/Etcher before pressure washing to loosen up the dirt and open the pores.
Do you have a question about cleaning a particular surface? We're here to help. Contact us at or call: 1-866-463-2424.