Turn your wood deck, dock and porch into something NEW!
The RollerRock® Deck and Dock System...
Spectacular Beauty and Performance. Two Easy Steps!
Used as directed in combination with ElastoLock® Damp-Proof Rubber Membrane, RollerRock Deck & Dock effectively encapsulates the wood surface, forming a tough weather-proof barrier.
1) Apply
Rubber Membrane
2) Roll on two coats of RollerRock Deck & Dock.

No more nasty painful splinters
ROLLERROCK® DECK & DOCK is an advanced new high performance, flexible stone coating formulated for use on pressure treated lumber and plywood. It locks onto wood surfaces while allowing for movement that resists cracking and peeling – even in sub-zero conditions.

Its decorative speckled finish rolls on as easily as paint, for stunning visual appeal and elegance that transforms decks, docks – and wood porches too!
Slip-resistant even when wet.
Stands up to winter conditions
Excellent flexibility prevents cracking
Great on most concrete too
Earth Tone Color Collection
Tropical Color Collection
RollerRock® Deck and Dock Uses on Wood...
• Pressure Treated Decks
• Wood Porches & Steps
• Docks and Walkways
• Pool Decks and Patios

...and non-automotiv
e concrete
• Pool Decks, Patios, Balconies

• Basement Floors
• Laundry Areas ... and more!
Main Features & Benefits
Full Instruction Video...
Give your exterior wood porch, steps, deck and dock lasting new water-proof beauty and safe slip-resistant functionality.
Tired of continually repainting and staining your wood?