Cleaning the deck boards:

1) Wet a section of the deck with water and then pour on Daich UltraWash™ Pressure Treated Wood Cleaner. Give the planks a scrub with a deck brush to remove any dirt, surface residues and old gray wood fibers.
2) Rinse the surface thoroughly with a pressure washer to remove all wash residues.
3) Repeat these steps on remaining sections of the deck surface and then allow the boards to dry out thoroughly for a few days. (Moisture level in the wood can be accurately confirmed with a moisture meter. A reading of about 15% is ideal for long-term coating performance.)

Pre-Coat Preparation:

With the surface clean and dry, the following should be performed:

1) Tap down any nails in the boards or tighten deck screws. If the head of the nail or screw looks rusty, it should be replaced with a new galvanized one.
2) If the planks are very smooth, scuff the surface lightly with 80 grit sandpaper to add some surface profile for better bond. Thoroughly vacuum any dust created by scuffing.
3) Fill larger cracks, holes or "checking" in the boards with ElastoLock® Water-Proof Rubber Spackle for a flexible waterproof plug that will move with the surface.
4) Roll on a uniform, generous coat of ElastoLock® with a 3/8” roller. Brush ElastoLock in between the deck boards to waterproof those surfaces as well. Also, be sure to generously coat all cut ends of the planks to block water intrusion. (If possible, coat the underside of the deck with ElastoLock too, for ultimate water protection all around.)

ElastoLock will fill minor cracks and checking and create a more uniform, waterproof and resilient surface. It will also function as an intermediate coating and adhesion promoter for coatings that will follow. Allow 24 hours to dry before proceeding with the desired coating system.
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Pressure Treated Prep...
The key is to get your deck boards clean, dry, dust-free – and waterproof. Just a few simple steps will get you there.