In almost no time at all, your concrete pool deck can go from looking fresh and new, to tired and uninviting.

Concrete pool decks pose a different kind of challenge altogether. They are continually exposed to water and pool chemicals — from traditional chlorinated water, to the newer salt water systems.

Add to that temperature fluctuations, seasonal exposure and slab movement — and you have a formula for cracking, chipping and generalized unsightly wear.
RollerRock® installed on a 35,000 sq.ft. hotel patio and pool deck.
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You can do
it with Daich decorative concrete coatings - and install
it easily
in one weekend.
You want brilliant new color, elegant visual appeal and a durable water repellent surface that doesn't suck water in like a sponge.

But it must also be a slip-resistant surface your family and guests can safely walk on – even when it's wet.